Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robert's Picks


The Outlaws by W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV (very good)

Do Unto Others by Michael Z. Williamson (very good)

Dead Zero by Stephen Hunter (good)


Sharpe's Rifles (good)


Sharpe's Eagle (good)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hating the government in 3 easy steps.

1.  Make over $30,000 for the year.

2.  Pay nearly $6,000 in taxes.

3.  Complete your tax return only to realize you still owe both Federal and State tax.

Yet Congress can raise the debt ceiling by another trillion dollars like it's nothing.  I guess it is nothing.  It's not like it's their money.  If you're not angry, you're not paying attention. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Back at it.

I'll be heading back to work tomorrow.  I'm still limping a bit and have to be careful how I twist but I feel well enough to work.  I can stay on my feet as long as I need to and I'm okay carrying extra weight.  I'll only have to work Saturday and Sunday before I'm off for another two days anyway.

My last paycheck was a nice one so I finally pulled the trigger and picked up an HDTV.  Nothing special, just a Vizio 32" LCD.  The price was right and it had the VGA port so I can use it as an external monitor which is very nice.

Paid a shit ton of bills today as well, including paying off a credit card.  I got a little ahead of the curves since my next paycheck is going to royally suck.  Hopefully things will be picking up by the end of February when Dish Network releases their new system that will handle up to four HDTVs will HD and DVR.  I think we'll be seeing a lot of new customers and a lot of upgrades.

Anyway, I think I'll get back to doing my taxes. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your 5 Most Wanted.

Robb Allen asks:
What 5 guns do you lust after?
If price nor practicality were an issue, the five guns I would purchase would be:

5.  FN FAL

I'd want a paratrooper version with folding stock and shorter barrel (16" max barrel length).  This would probably be a custom job to get exactly the configuration I want. 

4.  IMI Galil

Preferably a 7.62 version, but I'm be happy with 5.56. 

3.  FN SCAR-17

Because, well, because.  I would consider a Remington ACR in 6.8mm as a possible substitution. 

2.  S&W .41 Magnum

I'm not sure of the exact model, but I'd want one with a 4" barrel.  I've actually never fired one, but I've held one and I fell in love.  This just seems like an awesome wheel gun that I would love to strap on once and while, plus it's an atypical caliber which I like.

1.  Custom 1911 chambered in .38 Super

For this one I'm not sure which manufacturer I would use.  That would depend on who has the best reputation for making a reliable .38 Super 1911.  No, it wouldn't be .45 ACP.  If I'm going to put some serious money into a full up custom 1911 I want it to stand out from the crowd, and .38 Super is a seriously cool round.  This would not be a BBQ for me, but an everyday carry self defense pistol so I'd want it to run very damned well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My extension ladder tried to murder me.

I was checking a customer's home to see if I could get a clear line of sight for an international satellite dish early this afternoon when my ladder decided it wanted to be on the ground.

The customer was rather affluent and wanted a second satellite dish because his wife enjoys watching French television.  I was checking to see if I could put the new dish behind an existing one.

My 20' ladder was almost completely extended, the top three rungs above the gutter of this two story house.  It seemed level when I placed it but when I was a little over three-quarters of the way up it started sliding to the left along the gutter (I think the left foot may have sunk into the ground after I started climbing).  I attempted to lean in the opposite direction to arrest the slide but had no luck.  The safest thing to do seemed to be to ride the ladder down since I was falling toward an upslope.

My ladder hit a tree and then a Generac generator and I went off.  I landed hard on my legs, my right leg hitting hard on the ground and twisting.  My left leg hit a rung of the ladder and and scraped down it.

When I was on the ground and nothing was moving I felt that I was hurt, possibly very badly.  I managed to get myself into a sitting position with my back against an A/C unit.  My right leg was in extreme pain.  I was seeing stars.  Prior experience led me to believe that the pain was going to cause me to pass out soon.

I managed to get my phone out and call my office.  I let the guy who answered know I'd fallen and might have broken a leg.  A maid from the next house over heard me fall and came out to check on me.  When she got to me I was only able to tell her I thought I was hurt pretty bad and that I had help on the phone.

Then I passed out.

I came to not long after to hear her trying to tell my boss where we were.  I managed to get out the address and talk to him for a minute.  When I hung up with him I started checking my right leg to see if I had any bones sticking out.  Nothing like that, but the pain from moving it around made me pass out again.

I came to again and now had the maid and her boss out there, a older gentleman named Claire.  We talked a bit while the maid went to get me a glass of water and I tried to stay still so my head would clear.  I was covered in cold sweat.  I knew I hadn't hit my head but I was most certainly in shock and didn't want to go out again.

Claire told me how he was lucky he was a big man since he went through hell as a kid with that name.  He said he was named after his father who was an Olympic boxer.  I wish I could remember the last name.

I called my supervisor to let him to know he might need help.  If my leg was broken I was afraid I'd pass out again if I stood up and I'm no light weight.

I felt well enough to hobble up the hill to the van when he got there about thirty minutes later.  I was actually able to weight the leg a bit.  I was worried though.  A busted leg or tore up knee, and I thought it might be both, would put me out of work for a long time.

Fast forward to the emergency room.  Did the check in dance, got examined by a doc, had a lot of x-rays taken of my leg.  The I got a tetnus shot and was offered a loritab.  I passed on the pill.  I wasn't in a whole lot of pain and I don't like narcotics if I can avoid them.

X-rays came back clean.  I've got full range of movement in both legs.  My right actually hurts a bit more at this point.  I twisted my ankle and where I hit the ladder rung is probably deeply bruised.

They sent me home with crutches and a prescription for pain pills and muscle relaxers.  I may fill that tomorrow if I feel I need it otherwise I won't worry about it.

I've got my legs propped up right now and I'm having my follow up with Dr. Wild Turkey.  I was scheduled to be off tomorrow anyway, and hopefully I'll be back to work by Friday.

I'm feeling a bit lucky.  I was adamantly convinced I'd broken my lower right leg or had severely torn up my knee.  Turns out I'm just badly banged up, but not broken.

Quote of the Day: Self Reliance.

This one comes from a long time friend who was the first person to ever leave a comment on my scribblings back in the AOL Journal days:
Today I have grease and dirt under my nails and on my shirt and ratty jeans.  There was a streak on my face before I washed it.  My hair is coming out of the elastic I put it up in before I crawled underneath my vehicle.  I am thrilled most especially about the grease and dirt on my jeans.  They already have massive rips in them–the real kind that were put there by use rather than some designer–and now I have matching stains to go with them.  Normally I try to stay clean, but today I feel like the grime is a badge of honor, a testimony to my usefulness.  It feels pretty fantastic.
RTWT.  This is a person I've known, albeit online, for a long time.  She has a new blog and it's off to a great start.  While we don't always agree, she is someone I have a very high level of respect for.  The girl is fierce.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In Alabama.

Public Education.

Religion of Peace.

Except not.
An Indian literary festival canceled a video conference with author Salman Rushdie days after he called off a personal appearance due to protests and threats.

Festival organizers decided to cancel the video address to avoid violence by Muslim activists gathered at the Jaipur Literary Festival, an organizer, Sanjoy Roy, said.

"We have been pushed to the wall. ... Earlier today, a number of organizations came to us and threatened violence," Roy said.
"Tolerance" seems to mean bowing down every time someone threatens you because you offend their imaginary friend in the sky.  Me?  I'm intolerant, which means when you threaten me with violence I'll shoot you in the face.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Chief Julie Joyner of Elberta, Alabama speaks truth.

Following a homeowner shooting and criticallty injuring a burglar the good Chief had this to say:

"They have to protect themselves," Joyner said. "My officer was in route when the phone call was initiated to 911."

"That's each persons decision they have to make for themselves; to protect their home and their family as best they can."

The homeowner will not be charged, of course.

Criminal Minds, or What I Learned From TV.

It's a pretty good show.  I've been watching old seasons for a while on DVD for a while thanks to Netflix.

A few things the show always makes me think:  Always be armed.  And, be aware of your surroundings. 

The victims in the show are almost always not paying attention to what is going on around them or they're in a situation where they should see something bad happening and don't leave, or they can't leave and aren't armed.

Of course, being a Hollywood product there is a sneer at civilian defensive gun use (whether conscious or unconscious).  The few times a non-LEO tries to use a firearm in self defense they either fumble and make the situation worse or get killed outright.  That's liberal parroting of "having a gun will only make it worse" bullshit, but whatever.  That may work on TV, but in real life real people die and real cops fuck up or are "just minutes away" when someone is using an ax to take down your bedroom door.

Here is something to take away from the show, though.  The killers they portray?  Those types of people are out there everyday.  And just like the FBI characters in the show, your best defense against them is to be AWARE, and to be ARMED and WILLING to defend yourself. 

I don't ever what the FBI investigating me or someone I care about as victim of a serial killer.  I want them pissed off that I or someone else stole their thunder by putting two in the fucker's heart and one in his mind (or her mind).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This makes me sick.

Cop kills chained dog and threatens to kill homeowner while trespassing:
“When I ran to the garage and saw my dog laying there dead and I'm looking at blood, I lost it,” Bobbie Currie said.

Around 9 p.m., a DeKalb officer went to her home on Silva Court in response to a domestic dispute call with a possibly armed person. The officer said the family’s German shepherd lunged at him, so he killed the dog. The recently rescued animal was chained in the garage when the shooting happened.

Currie’s husband, Anthony, said the officer also pointed his gun at him and told him to put his hands up.

“I said, ‘Why [did] you shoot my dog?’ And he said, ‘Well, I'll blow your brains out.’ I said, ‘Hold on a minute, you just killed my dog. Why you want to blow my brains out? My hands are up.’ I said, ‘I don't have no gun,’” Anthony Currie said.
He went to the wrong house (Cops have such mad skills they can text while driving but apparently can't navigate).  No disciplinary action.  Just an honest mistake, ya know?  There is an extreme lack of accountability here that fills me with disgusts.

H/t SayUncle

They're coming home.

Those Korean War M1s.

H/t Maddened Fowl

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey, look!

It's a new Kimber!

On The Range #60

Got my butt outside to do a little shooting yesterday. 

I've never done a lot of shooting from cover so I used some plastic 50 gallon barrels I have to do just that.  First I worked with the AR, then with the pistol.  I also worked on transitioning from rifle to pistol, reloads, etc. 

I shot 120 rounds of .223 and 100 of .45 ACP.  I had no malfunctions with either the AR or the 1911.  So far that's 240 rounds through the AR with no issues and no issues with the 1911 since I threw out a bunch of old magazines. 

I've now shot over 4,000 rounds through my RIA 1911.  There have been plenty of ups and downs but it's served me well to date.  I need to replace my recoil spring again. 

I'm still pretty set on picking up either an M&P9 or a Glock 17 in the near future.  Shooting 9mm seems like a very good way to get the best bang for my buck. 

That said 1911 pistols will probably remain my first love and I'll be looking forward to the day when I can afford one of the high end models. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quote of the Day: Weer'd Beard

Weer'd commenting on this post from SayUncle:

And I’m wondering if these RINOs and idiots losing to Obama is a BAD thing.

No matter how the election goes, if a RINO wins, some party pointy-head will declare it a public mandate on RINOS.


Borepatch throws down the gauntlet.

Follow the link to learn all about his noble challenge of a cowardly troll.

Robert's Picks


How Firm A Foundation by David Weber (excellent)

Young Miles (The Warrior's Apprentice, The Mountains of Mourning, The Vor Game) by Lois McMaster Bujold (very good)

The Weapon by Michael Z. Williamson (excellent)


Valkyrie (very good)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

They fired the prick.

It's about time Harless was given his walking papers.  Unfortunately, some are trying to excuse his behavior as being a result PTSD.  Sorry, but that's bullshit.  Plenty of people suffer from that disorder and manage just fine with out repeatedly threatening to kill a restrained prisoner who did nothing wrong.

I find former officer Harless to be a pathetic excuse for a human being and an utter disgrace.  He should be awaiting trial and should go to jail.  Instead the bastard will probably end up collecting a disability check if he doesn't find some way to get himself reinstated. 

H/t Guns, Cars, and Tech

Monday, January 9, 2012

Good shoot.

There is no other way for me to describe this shooting of a Brownsville, TX 15-year old.  You point a gun at someone, that is a threat of deadly force.  They are justified in shooting you and killing your dumb ass dead.  If it turns out later the 'gun' was actually a pellet gun that doesn't matter.  If you made them think you had a lethal weapon then you get treated like you had a lethal weapon.

January gun giveaways.

Courtesy of Aaron at The Weapon Blog.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light a candle.

Light a candle to shine some light on your means of stopping criminal violence.

Thanks to Weer'dBeard for coming up with this meme to call out the anti's for their idiocy when it comes to violence.  They are only concerned with one kind of violence, as if being murdered with a gun is somehow worse than being beaten to death. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3+ hours.

That's been my average trip from home to my first job and back again.  1.5 there and 1.5 back.  Plus 30 minute to 1 hour drives between jobs.  It's been like this for a few weeks now and it sucks.  I have little free time when I finally get home and all that time sitting on my ass is getting to my back.

Hopefully the long drives will be coming to an end soon because I am truly sick of them already.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ordered the Yankee Hill 2-piece tactical handguards for the AR Friday.  It arrived today with a free mouse pad (thanks BCM!).  It was easy to install.  No rattle.  So far I like it.  Now I can start hanging shit on it and generally pissing of the streamline Nazis.  Yay!