Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie review: Smokin' Aces 2

In a word, "Meh."

In fact, it was kind of boring. It just didn't hold my attention at all. The guns were blah, and the gun handling was atrocious. If you want me to forgive make believe Hollywood super gun kata bullshit at least make the characters interesting (a la Hitman, Shoot 'Em Up!, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Last Man Standing, and the first Smokin' Aces).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New gun ideas.

I'm thinking of getting a S&W SW1911PD in the near future. It's a commander sized 1911, and it's just about fully customizable with after market commander parts. I think it would make an ideal carry gun for me.

While I was lurking around the Gunblogger Conspiracy IRC channel aepilotjim mentioned a company called Fusion Firearms that does custom 1911s. They also sell parts, including frame and slide kits. I talked about buying a it before when I was musing about building my own 1911, and this looks like a company that does quality work at a fair price. I may later on pick up one of their kits as well and give a build a shot.

Face, meet palm.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- A Jefferson County geometry teacher was investigated by the Secret Service after he used a hypothetical assassination of President Obama as a way to teach angles.

School officials say the Corner High School teacher apparently was teaching his students about parallel lines and angles and used the example of where to stand and aim to shoot the president.

Authorities were alerted, and Roy Sexton, special agent in charge of Birmingham's Secret Service office, says his agency spoke with the teacher, did not find a credible threat and closed the investigation. No charges were filed.

Superintendent Phil Hammonds says the teacher remains at work and there are no plans to fire him.

This is the high school I attended. I don't know the teacher. I've decided to laugh about it. At least, as someone pointed out in IRC, mine isn't the school with the teacher saying drawing the American flag is offensive.

Robert's Picks


Night Passage by Robert B. Parker (excellent)

King of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy


The Losers (good)

Iron Man 2 (excellent)


JAG: Seasons 1, 2, and 3 (good)


Wild Turkey Rare Breed (excellent)

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel (excellent)


Work has been keeping me busy. I was off yesterday and today, but still I'm beat. My feet still hurt.

I went to trivia at a local bar last night. It would have been fun (we one, earning a $100 at the bar). I ended the night with shot of Single Barrel Jack. I rode with my friend who recently bought a house. It's a nice place for his family's first home.

Unfortunately I got some bad news last night from a friend. Not bad news for me, at least, but I'm feeling pretty bad for him. It's a shit situation, and he's on the other side of the country. I wish I could be there to help him through. He's tough, though. I think he'll come through.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, NO! Toy guns are REAL GUNS!!!!1


Felons, illegal immigrants and all others banned from buying a gun in the United States have a new alternative if they’re looking to get their hands on a firearm: Just buy a toy.

A FoxNews.com investigation reveals that a popular recreational pellet gun can be converted easily to a real semi-automatic weapon. And while the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is already aware of the issue, these “toys” -- new, top-of-the-line airsoft rifles -- continue to be sold throughout the country.

Like paintball without the paint, the propane-powered airsoft guns are designed to shoot quarter-inch plastic pellets and are generally used for recreation or in military and law enforcement training.

When the ATF seized a shipment of 30 of these guns in October from a port in Tacoma, Wash., it said they could be “readily convertible” to machine guns. But gun experts called that claim absurd and said the ATF was overstepping its bounds.

Now one of those critics is reversing his position, saying at least one airsoft manufacturer has taken the quest to be authentic a little too far.

“The airsoft can be converted to an AR-15,” firearms manufacturer Leo Gonnuscio told FoxNews.com after testing the make and model of airsoft guns seized by the ATF.

Having concluded that several other airsoft guns could not be converted to fire real ammunition, Gonnuscio said he was surprised to find that he was able to to transform this particular gun to the real thing -- and with “minimal work,” because its bottom half, or “receiver,” is so similar to an AR-15's.
To make the airsoft receiver function just like an AR-15’s, Gonnuscio said, “All you have to do is drill one hole.”

And once that's out of the way, the rest is even easier. The AR-15 receiver is the only part of the semi-automatic rifle that is given a serial number, and is the only part that is regulated. All the remaining parts of the real thing can be purchased by anyone – any kid, criminal or terrorist.

Um. Well, damn. Better ban those toy guns...and regulate gun parts. Yep, yep. Better get right on that. After all, it's not like you can build a gun from materials you can pick up at any decent hardware store and then manufacture them in your home.

The reason it’s possible to make these airsoft receivers function as real receivers is that all an AR-15 receiver does is hold the gun together, Savage said. So with enough gun knowledge, almost anything can be made into a receiver.

“There’s a line of AR-15 firearms out there where the lower (the receiver) is made entirely of injection molded plastic … It could be made of cardboard and scotch tape,” he said.

Time to regulate the sale of cardboard and scotch tape!

Call me a skeptic, but I have to ask a few things:

Has any criminal ever converted one of these toys into a 'real' gun?

Did the reporter/s who contributed to this story actually see any working models, or are they relying on the 'expertise' of two men?

Why didn't they also point out that anyone with 'a little gun knowledge' can build a gun from stuff bought at Home Depot?

And yes, all of those are rhetorical.

I'm all for keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals, but give me a break. All of the things necessary to turn a toy gun into a real gun are illegal to do. It would be cheaper, and easier, for a person to buy a stolen gun or steal a gun. And if they had the money and know how to convert one they could just buy some machining equipment and make the real damn thing.

***PSH!(pant shitting hysteria) alert art courtesy of Robb Allen***

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it just me...

Or does anyone else feel like Irag is being ignored in the same way Afghanistan was ignored circa 2003?

I said during the election that Obama's 'concern' for the situation in Afghanistan, while valid, had nothing to do with the actual situation but everything to do with political maneuver. I am of the opinion that a large part of Bush's 'concern' with Iraq was a result of his failures in Afghanistan and the US public growing weary of the endless 'bad news.'

Afghanistan will be President Obama's Iraq. Just you wait.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No habla ingles...

That is exactly what I mumbled to the pollster calling from a frickin' blocked number. I only answered because it was the SEVENTH frickin' time they'd called in just a couple of hours. Thought about giving them a piece of my mind, but what's the point? More fun to fuck with'em.

I found all the .45 ammo....

Here. Buy it up, and sell it for double the price. I like shooting too much for that, and I'm sure as hell not paying double for it. Maybe if I was loaded. But hell, I'd pay someone I trust to reload for me if I was loaded...hehe.

I'd love to have all that, but not at those prices. No, Sir.

The funny thing is CheaperThanDirt has Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 for under $20/box of 20. Dollar a round. Not bad for your defensive stuff. Of course there is shipping, but it's still cheaper than GunBroker.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Corporate training.

Is boring. I have to admit I've learned a few things that will come in handy though. And I know what kind of setup I want from Dish Network if I ever get a new TV (922 Receiver for the win!).

I love having a company vehicle for going back and forth to work, but I'm hurting waiting for my first paycheck.

I'm really looking forward to getting paid commission. Hopefully within a month (or two at the latest) I'll be caught up on all my bills and able to relax.

Quote of the day.

"The populations of wealthy democratic societies expect to have total choice over their satellite TV packages yet think it perfectly normal to allow the State to make all the choices in respect to their health care. The torpor of the West derives in part from the annexation by government of most of the core functions of adulthood."
-Mark Steyn

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busted mags.

On my last two shooting excursions, one which is detailed in my previous post, I managed to break two of my 1911 magazines. The first one happened when I was shooting a 50 round practice drill not long after I lost my previous job. I had fun with the drill, but my Kimber factory mag went to pieces in my hand after failing to feed.

The second mag, almost as old and worn as the Kimber factory mag, was a Chip McCormick I'd picked up at a gun show. It refused to drop free and when I pulled it out it felt really sticky. I popped it in and released it a few more time to the same result. On closer examination I saw that the follower was protruding from the inside and scrapping along the mag well. I took some advice I'd been given a while back about bad mags and tossed it.

I have one more of the Chip McCormick mags and two Wilson Combat 8 rounders. The 8 rounders are extended to accommodate the 8th round in an officer sized magazine so the CM mag will be what I'm carrying in the gun for the time being. The extended mags are a bitch to conceal in most clothing. I'll be picking up a 7 round Wilson mag soon, though.

On The Range #14: Defensive Ammo Testing

My range time has been extremely limited lately due to the fact that I lost one job and started another. Cash flow has been very unreliable, and I'm having to wait a month to get my first paycheck. I did get my hands on a little money though, and it was time for me to change out the defensive ammo I've been carrying in my Raptor.

I'm a fan of Hornady TAP, and that is what I've usually kept in the Raptor for the last couple of years. I do try different ammo selections from time to time but the TAP has been the best so far.

I've been trying to give plenty of business to a new local gun shop and so when I went in the other day I decided to pick up a couple of boxes of defensive ammo to try out. He had Speer Gold Dot and Corbon in stock. I have not used Corbon in a while so I decided to go with that selection this time.

I warmed up by shooting a magazine of the Hornady TAP rounds. After that I shot three 5-shot groups at center mass on an IDPA style target with each selection. I also made one head shot to finish of my test ammo after the final 5-shot group.

Results for the TAP were as follows:

All of my groupings with the TAP were fairly tight considering my skill level. I was shooting from about 7 yards in modern ISO, no bench rest. I guess a bench rest would give me more precise groups, but I'm more interested in how this stuff 'really' shoots. I realize I should also do some speed shooting and shooting on the move with defensive ammo just to get a 'real' feel for it.

All in good time.

The results of the Corbon:

As you can see there isn't any real noticeable difference between my groupings. It's making me question my previous defensive ammo test. My skills have improved a fair bit and I may need to test some of the other stuff again (like the Speer Gold Dots). I'd also like to get some ballistic gelatin to use in my own test, but I think that is getting a little more involved than I want to at the moment. Maybe if I were getting paid for this....I have read where people have used hams to test the performance of ammo. I may look into that at some point.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Iron Man II

Made of win and covered in awesome sauce.

I really liked that it was heavy on the science (seeing, not explaining, and not necessarily 'real' science) and that you really get into the Tony Stark character. I like Tony Stark. He's 'real' to me. And he fucking built his superpower. That's America at it's best right there.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quote of the day.

"Yes, let's not exercise our rights because the media might have a frenzy."
Alan, of SnarkyBytes, in comments here.

On the whole NRA 'banning' guns at the annual convention.

It should have been held elsewhere. Period. It was a bad decision and the NRA should own it instead of making mealy-mouthed excuses. After reading the explanation they gave Uncle I can't help but conclude that they're full of it and doing damage control. Every NRA member, ever ticket purchaser, is a participant by the simple fact that they paid money to participate.

If there was any confusion it should have been worked out before choosing this particular location. IF they did understand this to be the case before hand another location should have been chosen.

And, the NRA has lawyers that should be more than capable of making the local DAs piss themselves and go cry in a corner.

My annoyed thoughts on the matter, anyway.

More here, here, and here.

At Uncle's blog someone refers to the people complaining as crybabies. Yep, people are crybabies for complaining about not being able to exercise their right to bear arms at an event that is celebrating the organization that is supposed to be protecting their right to bear arms.

The NRA could have picked another location. The NRA should have picked another location. Shame on them for not doing so.