Thursday, July 28, 2005

Done and Done

I didn't do everything I planned to do on Tuesday, but I did eventually do most of the things I needed to do yesterday.  I went to that gun shop, a hole in the wall place if there ever was one, and found the ammo at the price I wanted.  Unfortunately he didn't seem to have what I wanted in the quantity I wanted.  I payed $4.50 for a twenty round box, and bought five boxes.  That's better than over $12 per box.  The ammo is made in Russia, and seems decent.  I'll shoot Sunday.  Then I'll know for sure whether it's worth it or not.  If it is, I think I'll get John to buy a few thousand rounds for me by mail.

I bought some more targets and also soem more ear plugs as well.  I bought some of the throw-away ear plugs and some that are attached by a string and can be reused.  The targets I bought are not the ones I had  intended to buy.  I like using adhesive targets, but these have to be hung up.  I figure something out.  I'll probably just tape them up.  Whatever works. 

I've been reading a lot more lately.  The last two books I've read were in the Songs of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin.  They've been better than average, although the huge cast of characters and multiple plot lines is a little trying.  I just started the third book, A Storm of Swords, this morning.  There is a fourth one out there I don't have, but will buy soon enough.  I also bought the newest Star Wars book today.  I'll read it after I finish A Storm of Swords.  That shouldn't take more than a few days.

School starts back soon, and I'm feeling a bit bitter-sweet about it.  I can only afford one more full semester.  That's it.  My money is gone after that.  I know I had a lot, but the fact is that living is expensive, and thanks to WalMart dicking me around so much before getting me working, I was out at least fifteen hundred bucks in living expenses.  That really sucked.  Plus enough other unexpected expensises poped up, blah blah.  I'll go talk to someone in fincial aid and maybe I won't be screwed completely.  We'll see.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Finally, down time...

Once again it's that time of the week which I wish never weekend!  This past week at work really sucked.  We had to prep for inventory, which is happening as I speak.  It was a real bitch, but it's over now.  When I go back in Thursday night it should be all over.  I hope.

There's been a  bit of a shake-up at work and some people have quit or moved around so I am hoping that soon I will be off on Thursday and Friday nights.  That would be great.  I'd actually be able to do something again on a regular basis.  I hope I don't get screwed over by my boss.  I deserve those days and it isn't like we won't have enough people for the other days.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do today.  I know for sure that I am going to watch the shuttle launch.  Hopefully it won't be scrubed again.  So far it's around two hours to lift-off.  I'm really excited about it.  I wish I was going.  One of my dreams has always been to go to space, but I doubt that will ever happen.  The space program is, in my opinion, the single most important thing in the world right now.  That fact is that this planet cannot support us forever.  The human race is growing to quickly.  Eventually we're going to have to go out into the vastness of space the same way we had to cross the Atlantic to the Americas.  I hope I live to see the day when humanity is colonizing other worlds.

I might also take a trip to this gun shop called Braswell's I know of but have never been too.  I'm hoping I'll be able to find .223 ammo cheaper than what I'm paying for it now.  If I was 21 I could buy it by mail order for about $120.00 for a thousand rounds.  I'm hoping it will be similarly priced there.  If I can't find it cheap, I'll get a friend to buy it for me by mail.

Other than that, my only other plan is to jump into the pool.  I did that Sunday after I got back from shooting.  It was nice.  The water was not too cold or too warm, but just perfect.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan.  Anyone want to join me by the pool?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...some spoil, though nothing big

I just finished it.  As can be expected from an author of Rowling's caliber it was very well written and I enjoyed every minute of it.   That said, the book at first eases up from the dark tone of The Order of the Pheonix, but by the end had plunged back in.

My only complaint as far as the story goes is that the ending did nothing but remind me of the movie Spider Man.  I was very dissappointed by this.  It seems obvious to me that if people know you care about someone, and if they want to hurt you, seperating yourself from that person is not going to stop them from going after that person.  You may feel you're doing something noble, but in the end you are only causing the one you care about and yourself to suffer unnecessarily. The danger will always be there as long as your feelings remain. 

The fact that the end also takes place at a funeral reminded me of Spider Man, too.  I think the ending, except for the 'We can't be together because it's too dangerous for you' scene was quite appropriate.  I'll be looking forward to the next book in the series. 

I won't lie, this book ends on a sad note.  The story is definitely much darker now.  I think it will continue to be until the central conflict is ultimately resolved, one way or another.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now I'm bored...

I just got back from the pool.  Jeremy and I went swimming with Tiffany and Amanda.  It was fun, but as usual they didn't stay long.  Still, it's always fun to swim with hot girls.  I don't know what I'm going to do tonight but I've got to get out of here.  If I don't, I'll just end up sleeping.

Yesterday after worked I went and filled out an application for industrial training so I can see if I can get this other job that I talked about before.  I hope I can get it.  I hate WalMart, and it's getting worse.  I don't know how much longer I can take it.

I don't know what else I was going to write about when I started this.  I'm sure there was something, but I don't know what.  Oh, well.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why me?

Okay, so this is going to be about my lack of luck with women lately.  First, that sex site thing is a total waste of time and money.  No woman I have encountered there seems to be at all interested in anything but a fantasy.

Second, I present the list:

Amber (hot pierced and tattooed girl Jeremy works with):  I called her, she said she wanted to talk and would call me back later as she was on her way to work.  She never called.  I waited a few days and called again, no answer.  Left a voicemail today.  That's all the effort I'm putting in.  It's probably too much.

Whitney (hot girl working in the Body Shop):  Eyeing me while I'm in the store with friends.  I go over and introduce myself, chit-chat, and ask for her number.  Crash and burn.  She has a boyfriend.

Random hot girl in pink at WalMart:  Makes a comment about my shirt which I take to be a conversation starter, engages in conversation and mild flirting for a minute before pointing out her boyfriend.  Rude bitch, both to him and me as I my intentions were obvious from "Hello."

Nicole (attractive friend of a friend):  I honestly think she's cute and would like to hang out with her.  She thinks I don't like her at all.  I'm trying to remedy that.

In the last month or so I've tried to get out and talk to more girls and generally try to get a few dates.  My success has been less than encourageing.  But I will be honest... 

It has been an interesting ride so far.  I'll try and keep it up.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Hit and Miss

Today was a kind of hit and miss day for me.  Some things went well, others didn't.  I called Amber around early this afternoon and talked to her for a minute.  She said she was about to leave for work but that she wanted to talk to me.  She said since she had my number she would call me on break or after work.  I haven't heard from her, but I'm not sweating it.  If I don't hear from here in a day or two I'll call her again.

I slept a few hours this afternoon and then went to the mall with John and Jennifer.  There's a fucking monsoon outside, but it was okay.  We went to a bunch of different stores.  John wanted a pair of riding boots but he can't wear them because of his prosthetic.  He found some other boots he liked, even though he didn't buy them. 

Jennifer spent some time in the Body Shop looking at different things.  She tried on a few dresses and a really nice shirt I picked out for her.  She wants to get the shirt later.  It looks amazing on her.  She bought one of the dresses.  I also saw this really attractive sales girl there and she kept looking my way so I went over and introduced myself.  I ended up asking her for her number, but she said she had a boyfriend.  Oh, well. 

We went to Barnes and Noble after the mall and I picked up a few books.  One I bought is Robinson Crusoe.  I've never read it, but I've always wanted too so now I'll have the chance.  I also bought three books by Peter H. Capstick about big game hunting in Africa.  It's something I've always been interested so I thought I read up on it. 

That's about it for today.  I think I'm going to sleep for a few hours tonight because I'm not feeling to well and I'm tired. 

The Great Bottle Rocket War...and other recent adventures

For the Fourth I went over to John and Jennifer's.  Jennifer grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and we all stuffed ourselves while watching bad tv and waiting for dark.  Not that many people showed up, but it was enough to be fun.  Jason came, which is cool.  Jeremy was there.  Logan showed up around dark.  John's hot cousin Samantha was there with two of her FUFs (Fat Ugly Friends). 

When dark came all of the guys loaded up on bottle rockets, roman candles, artillery shells, and fire crackers.  We went out into this big field beside John's house and went at it.  Let me tell you, it was fun.  We had a strobe light set up and bottle rockets were flying around and fire crackers were exploding everywhere.  Flaming projectiles from roman candles were flying around.  And lets not forget the artillery shells, those things that fly way up in the air and explode in all the pretty colors?  They were going off at our feet, literally.  It was like a night time battle in Vietnam.  I would say Iraq but the humidity is more jungle like and there was lots of grass and trees.

It was really fun, except for a few disappointments.  That girl Jeremy works with, Amber, went MIA from work for a couple of days and Jeremy couldn't get her on the phone.  I didn't bother trying.  I might call her today, I don't know.  Stephanie thought about coming but decided to go to work for some overtime instead.  I had to work that night too so I understood.  I get double time for holidays.

Anyway, as I was leaving I was saying goodbye to everyone and I got a hug from Samantha.  That was kind of odd.  We don't know each other that well, and I don't usually hug even then.  But I'm not complaining.  She's a nice girl, but wild. 

Work sucked, of course.  But it could have been much worse.  It always can be.  I've heard about another overnight job at this place that supplies the Mercedes plant here.  What I've heard is that the job is relatively easy, pays $14.75 per hour, with a $.75 raise after 90 days and then another every six months.  You have five days paid vacation from day one, and ten every year.  Weekends off.  All holidays off with pay.  And insurance kicks in the first month after you start, as opposed to after six at WalMart.  I am really excited about the opportunity. 

I didn't do much yesterday.  I slept most of the day.  Talked to Stephanie a few times.  And I went to the mall.  I was looking for a leather bush hat.  Think of something you'd see a big game hunter in Africa wearing, or some guy out in the Australian bush...hence bush hat.  I found some in Wilson's leather but none in my size in the color I wanted.  I might look somewhere else.  I want it for when I go shooting so I can keep the sun out of my eyes.  And they're cool.

I going to get my car's 5,000 mile maintence done this morning.  I'm nearly four hundred miles over due.  It shouldn't cost too much since I've got a letter for a free oil change, which is awesome.  Jennifer wanted to come swimming today, but the weather looks like it is going to royally suck ass because of all the shit going done in the tropics.  Maybe I'll rent some more movies to watch tonight.  I don't know.  We'll see.

I've been reading the Chronicles of Narnia in anticipation of the movie coming out this Christmas.  So far I have finished The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I've just started The Horse and His Boy.  The books are okay, I guess, but I was expecting much more.  So far I think anyone who compares it to Tolkien is making a mistake.  Tolkien is much more in depth and needs a more mature audience to deal with it's length.  These books are extremely short (about a hundred pages on average in LARGE PRINT while Tolkien averages 300-400 in small print).  My opinion may change, but I doubt.  For childrens books they fall short in my opinion as well.  Harry Potter is a much better series and so is A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Some people go to church on Sunday...

But not me.  I'm no Christian, so I've got no place in a church.  But you should already know that.  No, I've got my own little ritual for Sunday.  It's something I've just started doing, and hopefully something I will keep doing for a long time.  Why?  Because it's fun!

My Sunday ritual is target practice.  The only way to sharpen my skills with a rifle is to practice, practice, practice.  So that is exactly what I am doing.  And it's something I enjoy too.  But it's also a bit expensive.  While .223 ammo isn't the most expensive it is putting a dent in my bank account so I'm thinking of picking up a Ruger 10/22 so that I can start using .22 ammo, which is a whole lot cheaper.  Not too mention easy to find.

I don't know when I'll be buying one.  I might wait until I've saved up some money for it.  That would be the smartest thing to do.  For now, I can afford ten or twenty dollars a week for .223 ammo.

Anyway, check out the pictures.  They are of my attempts to "pit" an Ace at about fifty yards using open sites.  An expert marksman could easily do this at twice the distance.  I didn't do it once.  But I came close.  I should also point out that an expert marksman has shot a gun more than three times in the past six months and would also be using a scope. 

Saturday, July 2, 2005

My Head Hurts

It seems like every time I wake up my head hurts.  It really sucks.  I don't really know what causes it.  Maybe it's standing vertical after so many hours and all of the blood rushing out of my head.  Maybe it's putting on my glasses or turning the lights on.  Whatever it is, it really sucks.

Work sucked last night.  I only got about three hours of sleep and I was not happy aobut that.  It seemed like everybody else was in the same situation as I was...pissed off.  Even the easy going people.  Bad night. And it got worse.  The trucks were late, and when they finally got here two or three pallets had to be restacked.  The rest were all leaning and unstable.   And they all way about a ton, literally.  No one needs to have one of those things fall on them.  I would sue the fuck out of WalMart if it happened to me.  Their distribution centers for groceries suck.

I'm probably going shooting tomorrow morning.  I'm not sure yet.  It will depend on how I feel, I guess.  I need to buy some fireworks  for Monday too.  Ah, yes.  That reminds me.

Yesterday I went to see War of the Worlds  with John, Jennifer, and Jeremy.  And because I finally got to see Jeremy he was able to give me the number of the girl he works with.  She's the cute one with the piercings and tattoos.  I don't know if I've mentioned her, but she thought I was  Her name is Amber.  And I think she is coming to John and Jennifer's Monday night.  That would be cool.  She's so hot...

Well, here we go again.