Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Neglecting My Studies

Since I moved into my new apartment I have not performed a single spell.  I've been completely neglecting my study of magic.  I need to get back into my groove of experimentation.  I've got a couple of ideas to work on, but I'm not sure where they are going yet.  I guess now, since I am living on a budget, it would be a good idea to look into some money spells.

I need to start working magic again so that I don't just give up on it entirely.  I need to make it a habit again.  I do admit that I'm getting more and more frustrated with the utter bullshit that I keep running accross out there.  It would be nice to find even one book that didn't read like a neo-feminist self help guide.  Oh, well.  I guess that's life. 

All in all I just need to do more.  I've got free time, and I need to use some of it for magical study and practice.  I need to explore.  There are a lot of spells I want to do that I never get around too.  It's time to change that. 

It was, and remains my hope that living alone will make my practice easier.  I have more privacy now.  I don't have to worry about be bothered.  I have more space now too and I might look into performing some more complicated rituals.  Space was always one of my limiting factors before.  It is not anymore.

I really wish I had not been forced to abandon my staff project.  That really pissed me off, but it had to be done.  I put so much work into it though.  Maybe I can start another.  It might be better to make a wand instead not that I'll not be expecting to have to work outside.  Space is still a bit of an issue and a wand is much smaller than a staff.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lack of initiative

I have no desire what so ever to right this entry.  It's odd.  I just have not felt like writing any entries lately.  I feel like I have nothing interesting to say any more.  I feel completely apathy toward this journal. 

And yet, I still feel responsible to it.  I feel like I have some duty to continue what I started.  There is some comfort in that.  I don't really know what's going on.  It's odd.  I guess I'm just in one of those funks.  Or maybe I'm just really distracted.

I had philosophy test both yesterday and today.  The first, in Existentialism, was not that difficult.  I'm sure I could have done better, but not by much.  On the other hand, the test I had today in Philosophy of Science kicked my ass.  I feel so overwhelmed in that class.  Nothing makes that much sense.  There is just to much information to process.  I tried my hardest on the test.  It was open book and open note, but I still struggled.  I didn't really have enough time to do as good as I would have liked.

But anyway, that's over.  I don't have to worry about that.  Except I have a Modern Europe midterm Monday.  That should be easy though.  It's on World War 2 and the beginnings of the Cold War.  It should be a walk in the park.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

What I've Been Up To

Not too much, actually.  For the most part all I've done the past week or so has been to work and sleep.  I've got class tomorrow, and I'm going to do my best to go to every single one this week.  I think now that I have the off days I want it should not be a problem.  I have to call Stephanie at some point in the next day so we can get together to study.  I have to philosophy test this week, one Wednesday and one Thursday.

Friday night I went to Pizza Hut with John, Jennifer, and Jeremy.  It was packed and we got an insane waitress.  After we ate we came back to my apartment and chit chatted for a little while before I had to go to work.  We didn't do anything this weekend so I spent my free time either sleeping or cleaning up.

Yesterday my modem had a coniption fit and I had to call HP about it.  Some Indian, or possibly Pakistani, talked me through taking my modem card out and putting it back in a different spot.  After that it worked just fine. 

Today I tried to go buy season 3 of Stargate SG:1 but Circiut City closed at seven, which is stupid.  Everything closes down early on Sunday here and it doesn't make any sense.  They are turning away business.  People leave the store because it is going to close, not becuase they have somewhere else to be.  Barnes and Noble is open to eleven tonight, and it's parking lot was packed when I drove by.

I've been studying up a bit on case law.  One of the guys I work with is involved with law  in some way and he gave me a bunch of websites for the Supreme Court, and landmark cases.  He also sent me stuff on just about everything else I could want to know about law.  It's cool, since I really want to go to law school one day. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

First Day Off

I changed my mind and took today off.  I'm going to work Wednesday night instead.  I did grill some hamburgers and John and Jennifer came over and ate.  I did not invite anyone else since it was a kind of spur of the moment type thing.  The food was good, course.  I'm feeling quite full right now.

When I got off work this morning I decided to buy everything and grill tonight.  I don't have a grill so I had to buy one.  I bought one of those mini grills.  It's all I need since I probably won't be cooking for a bunch of people.  I might buy a bigger one later on. 

I'm not really sure what I am going to do tonight.  I've got all night to kill.  I'll probably go to sleep around five in the morning.  I'll go to school and then try to catch a few hours when I get home if I get the chance.  I'll probably read and watch tv for the most part tonight.  I guess I could also wash some clothes and do some dishes.

Fun, fun....

I could work on one of the fifty or so stories I have halfway written.  That would be good too.  It's not like I don't have time.  And I should probably do some reading for school.  Yeah, I guess I know what I'll do after all.

Monday, March 7, 2005

What to do?

I don't know what to do.  I just got home from class and there is nothing to do but the same old same old before I go to work.  I'll probably end up playing StarCraft and watching tv.  I bought a bunch of new dvds yesterday.  I got Wayne's World 1 and 2, Beastmaster, and the season two of Star Gate: SG-1.  I also bought a white suede leather jacket that has a skull and cross bones one the back.  It looks really cool and it did't cost me too much.

I also bought a nice linen shirt by Structure.  Structure is now selling in Sears, which is cool, because A: I like Structure, and B:  I have a Sears Card.  So that's works out in my favor.

The past two nights of work have been interesting.  I'm still on aisle four.  Saturday night was our busiest of the week.  It was not too bad though.  The guy I'm working with is on managements shit list because he dicks around instead of doing his work.  The last two night they've been watching him.  I, on the other hand, am on their Saints list because I do my work, I work at a good pace, I stay in my area, and when I'm done I go ask them if they need any help with their work.  I was told last night the my evaluation would definitly reflect my hard work.  Hopefully in 90 days that will translate to another $0.50 per hour.

My off days are Tuesday and Wednesday, for sure.  This week we can work over time an so I've been taking thirty minute lunches every night.  I'm also going to work Tuesday and night, and, depending on the weather I may work Wednesday night.  It's raining right now, but if it is clear Wednesday I am going to grill some hamburgers and invite some people over.  May I can get Stephanie to show up.

Friday, March 4, 2005


Work has been great so far.  I love my job.  I'm sure I'm going to get burned out on it eventually, but for now everything is going great.  Almost everyone seems to like working for me and I get compliments for my work every night from my immediate bosses.  It's odd to say, but for the most part it's fun.

I started out Monday night helping out on the juice aisle.  The guy who works it is named Tim.  He has one helper named Dustin.  I worked with them both until lunch time, and then Dustin cut out so Tim was glad to have my help the rest of the night.  Tuesday night I worked the canned good isle with a guy named Jeff.  He didn't have any help that night and canned goods is the hardest aisle.  He said if I could learn it I could learn anything. 

Jeff really appreciated my help.  Twice he made it a point to tell my bosses how good I was doing.  I think I liked working with him the best.  He has a good personality and sense of humor.  It makes the night go by fast.

Wednesday I had the aisle four to myself, which was cool.  It's the coffee, ketchup, pickle, etc. aisle.   I did three quarters of the work on it myself.  I had a guy helping me but he left after two hours.  I got a little help here and there after that.  Last night I worked it again with some guy named Ronnie.  It was not a pleasant experience.  First, he stank when he got to work.  Sweats a lot.  I hope I don't smell that bad.  No one else I've worked with has.  He had almost no personality.  I would have rather done the work alone, but I couldn't have.  Besides which I think it's his aisle. 

I don't know what I'll do tonight.  I do know that I'll avoid Ronnie.  I'm supposed to be rotating through all the aisles, so hopefully I will get on another tonight.