Monday, October 12, 2015

On The Range #102: First IDPA Match In 10 Months

This past Saturday I shot my first IDPA match since December of last year. Considering I had not shot a match in ten months I was pleasantly surprised by my performance. I completely blew the first stage and at least one other, but I did pretty well on a couple. The match was six stages.

Overall I was 26th of 47 shooters. That's nothing impressive, and it just slightly better than my last match where I was again 26th but of 43 shooters. I was 3rd of 4 in my classification and division (SSP/Sharpshooter) compared to 5th of 5 in my previous match. I was 19th, 33rd, 25th, 18th, 35th, and 27th overall in each stage this time. At my previous match I was 30th, 23rd, 24th, 23rd, 28th, and 25th overall in each stage.

You can see the two stages where I really pissed it away, but overall I did just a bit better than my previous match and one could argue my shooting has improved.  I really want to get to matches more regularly, but working weekends makes that damned near impossible.

I am hoping to shoot a few matches in CDP with my 1911. I classified as a Marksman in CDP so I will actually be competitive, though I am improving (I think) in SSP.

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