Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Tale of the Disappearing 1911 Parts, part 1.

So, I ordered a Wilson Combat Bullet Proof slide stop and a Wilson spring for my 1911. According to tracking they were delivered in my mailbox this past Tuesday. If they were, I never saw them.

Asked my brother, he only saw what I saw (new jacket I ordered and contact solution...I love Prime).

Checked at the Post Office just in case it wasn't left and they confirmed it was delivered but are going to check exactly where the scan happened when it was scanned delivered in my box.

I have a good delivery man and he has been delivering packages to me for years so I doubt he made a mistake, but he's human.

On the other hand, I am $85 poorer with nothing to show for it. I wanted to get those parts in and function tested by now.

Fuck my life.


Old NFO said...

Hopefully they will show up... Hopefully...

Robert McDonald said...

They did. Post Office found them and delivered them today.