Sunday, May 31, 2015

New hand guard on the AR, and an ammo test.

Finally finished getting the Troy Industries Alpha rail I bought forever ago installed on my upper.  It looks good, took a lot of weight off, and feels great on the range.

I put the Aimpoint Pro on top and checked zero. The zero held from the loaner upper I had it on so that saved me some time.  I decided to play around with a pork shoulder I had and see what a round of Hornady 55 grain VMax would do.

I had expected that it would probably completely over penetrate but instead it fragmented and did a hell of job on the pork should. The bone was pulverized as was the meat. There was a nice fist sized hole for a would cavity, rather than the little tunnel I was used to from pistol rounds. I wouldn't want to get hit with this.

The middle picture is the only part of the bullet left intact, mainly the jacket.  If you look back at the previous image, the lower right picture shows what I believe are tiny fragments of lead.  Cool stuff.

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Old NFO said...

Glad you finally got that installed, and 55gr DOES do some funny things...