Sunday, February 22, 2015

10 years.

That's how long I have been writing at My Tumultuous Adventure, though it has not always been steady.  That's a long time.

I didn't start out on blogger, nor is this my first blog. I actually started blogging around 2002-03 on the AOL Journals. I had a falling out with my grandfather, who raised me, and moved out on my own. I started a new AOL Journal call My Tumultuous Adventure in February 2005 and I have been here on and off ever since, making the shift to Blogger when AOL shit canned the Journals.

I still have one occasional reader who was my first comment and has become a very good friend over the years. Hi, Kristin!

I've gone from writing about my life and growing up to writing about politics and guns. I still enjoy it when I actually sit down and do it. I think I will still be here from time to time but I believe it is going to become more about me and my life than about guns and politics. I plan on continuing my Robert's Picks and On The Range posts, but I think if I write more here this year than past years there will be more personal stuff.

I hope you have all enjoyed my scribblings, and I hope to entertain from time to time in the future.


Brigid said...

All that you have written are words to be savored. Well done!

Robert McDonald said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it!