Saturday, January 31, 2015

On The Range #99: Testing, testing

I've been spending as much time as I can on the range lately.  I've even built a small plate rack so I can do more shooting on steel targets.  Yesterday I woke up early and decided I'd take the opportunity to get out and get a little practice in.

First up I did a target focus drill at 3 yards from Richard A. Mann's book Handgun Training for Personal Protection. I used an 8" target which is a bit bigger than what he recommends in the book but if you look at the group I don't think it's an issue. I had a couple of flyers but 10 of 12 rounds went right where they were supposed to. The goal here was to get the gun on target and press the trigger as soon as the sights intersected my view of the target.  I will be doing more of this. The goal was 1.5 seconds and under. I'm averaging around 1.6 seconds and I had a few shots under 1.4 seconds. I'd like to get this to under a second.

Next, I moved back to the 7 yards line and practiced drawing from concealment and putting two shots in a 3x5 box. Those of your familiar with the FAST Drill will recognize this as the first component of the drill. I did this five time for a total of 10 rounds fired. As you can see I had two shots outside the box. These were both called flyers. Interestingly enough my best times were when I did not have a miss.  I averaged under 6 seconds with the misses, but under 5 seconds with the clean runs. These times are excruciatingly slow by some standards, but they're what I am capable of right now.  I'd like to cut that 20% miss rate in half and drop at least a second off the total time so that I am averaging right over or under 4 seconds.

Last, I worked on the second component of the FAST drill.  I started with the gun on target at slide lock with an empty magazine inserted. On the buzzer I performed a speed reload and fired four shots into the 8" target.  I had one shot on the the line and one outside of the circle. I averaged under 6 seconds.

I'll probably work this all again soon but next time with more repetitions of each.

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Old NFO said...

Things are coming together, and practice WILL improve your times and accuracy!