Thursday, August 21, 2014

On The Range #95: Rangemaster Handgun Core Skills Test and More Shield Fun

I found this in a thread on, and I thought I'd give it a shot.

Rangemaster Handgun Core Skills Test, Comstock Count
Use electronic timer and record the time for each stage.
3 yds Sidestep, draw, and fire 4 rds. _________

5 yds Sidestep, draw and fire 5 rds total , 3 to the chest,
2 to the head. _________

5 yds Start gun in dominant hand only, fire 4 rds. _________

5 yds Start gun in non-dominant hand, fire 5 rds. _________

7 yds Draw and fire 6 rds. _________

7 yds Start at Ready, 3 rds only in gun. Fire 3 rds, reload, and 
fire 3 more rds. _________

10 yds Draw and fire 3 rds. _________

15 yds Draw and fire 4 rds. _________

25 yds Draw and fire 3 rds. _________

40 rds total. Total time __________ Target points _________
IALEFI-QP scored 5,3,0/RM-2 scored 5,3/VSRT scored 5,4,3
Score targets. Divide points by total time, for Index. Multiply Index X 20 for Final Score. Par Score = 100.
80-100 = Very good. 100-124= Advanced 125+= Master

Score_________ divided by ___________X 20= _____________

I used a standard FBI "Q" target with the 8" circle and 3x5" box from a F.A.S.T. target. I scored the circle and box 5 points and the rest of the bottle 3.  I did everything from concealment and started the reload stage gun in holster.

I don't remember my exact final score as I do not have my range notebook right in front of me since I am typing this from my local cigar shop.  However, I know I was well under the par (EDIT my final score was 76.49).  Which sucks.  I had hoped to do better.  Still, it's a good skills test, I think, and I plan on using it to test myself from time to time. Maybe every quarter or so.

I also did a little shooting with my M&P Shield.  I shot exercises 3 and 4 (single shots from the holster x5 in under 3 seconds and doubles from the holster x5 in under 3.5 seconds, standard being each five times in a row) from Richard Mann's Handgun Training For Personal Protection.  I aced both.  These are more for beginner shooters and so of course I was easily able to meet the standard.  Still, I think they're a great way to test out a new carry gun and get a feel for it.

The Core Skills Test I shot with my G17.  Look at the differences in group sizes just based on the movement and distances involved.  All of the Shield shooting was done at 5 yards.  One of my weaknesses has always been shooting at distances greater than 10 yards.  Frankly, I think if you excel at 10 yard and under shooting you excel where you need to for typical defensive handgun use, but that doesn't mean I don't want or need to push myself to improve at distance shooting.  I plan on working on that as I go forward.


Old NFO said...

But you got to the range and set a base to improve on... THAT is better than most do. It just takes time on the range.

Robert McDonald said...

That is a fact!