Friday, August 1, 2014

On The Range #94: M&P Shield Practice and Function Testing

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a little shooting with my M&P Shield and experienced a stove pipe. I figured I had limp wristed it but i wanted to do a little function testing before carrying it again.

I've been reading Richard Mann's Handgun Training For Personal Protection and since I was planning on working through the drills it lays out anyway I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

First up were single shots at 5 yards from low reading.  The goal is ten shots in each circle. I jerked the trigger a couple of times on the third circle but I tightened up on circle four.

The second drill was controlled pairs/double taps at 5 yards from low ready.  Again the goal was ten shots in each circle, and again I jerked the trigger on circle three. I think it was a combination of fatigue and impatience on my part. Tightened up again on four.

All together I fired 80 rouns with no malfunctions. Sixteen rounds of this was 135 gr Hornady Critical Defense standard pressure JHP and the rest Freedom Munitions 147gr FMJ.

Afterwards I made my way to Academy Sports to pick up more personal defense ammo. Could not find any standard pressure Hornady so I bought 50 rounds of Federal 124 gr Hydra-Shok JHP.  I will function test with half and use the other half for carry assuming the Shield likes it.


Odysseus said...

I've been carrying 115grain critical defense in my Shield(which at least worked in mine), because I like having the same feel as the 115 practice FMJ.

Glad to hear you didn't have any further malfunctions.

Old NFO said...

Glad you didn't have anymore malfs... And patience IS a virtue!