Monday, August 25, 2014

New holster for my M&P Shield

Visited a relatively new sporting goods store a couple of days ago.  They had a large selection of kydex holsters by a maker unknown to me.  They looked nice so I decided to pick one up for my Shield to give it a go.

The holster is from Cutting Edge Personal Defense's Custom Concealment Gear line and called the "Ronin."  I have not yet had an opportunity to wear it or get it to the range. My plan is to try it out on the range Thursday and do a pretty extensive review in the coming weeks.

Initial impressions are that it is much like many other kydex holsters.  There's only so much you can do with the medium.  Price ($65) is a little higher than some, and lower than others.  Construction seems solid, not too bulky, and I like the hardware they used.  I've got one holster that was made using some cheap hardware that I really did not like.

Retention is good, but not so good it will retard a draw.  You can hold the holster upside down and give it a decent shake and the gun stays in place.  You can shake it hard enough to make the gun pop out, but I think it will stand up to an active lifestyle.

I'm thinking of seeing if I can get my hands on one for my G17 and use it during my Defensive Pistol course at Shootrite next month.


Old NFO said...

I think I'd stay with the tried and true through the school... Just my opinion... I never liked trying new toys in the field for the first time.

Robert McDonald said...

Good point. I don't plan on trying it unless I can shoot with it a few times before hand.