Friday, April 4, 2014

Pistol rounds don't suck, you do.

You hear it all the time when the never ending caliber wars flame up, "All pistol rounds suck so it doesn't really matter which one you pick."

I've said it often enough myself. It's a way of telling the "9mm sucks! Git you a .45!" and ".40 is the only round that's true manstopper!" fucktards to shut the fuck up without saying shut the fuck. In general any center fire handgun cartridge using a modern hollow point bullet will perform about the same as any other. In other words, they're all pretty good...assuming you put your shots where they count.

The 'suck' comes from comparing pistol round performance to rifle round performance.  To me this is apples and oranges, but for the sake of argument lets compare the two.

The "one shot stop" mentality has largely been beaten out of the professional firearms community. While one shot stops with handguns do happen (George Zimmerman stopped Trayvon Martin's violent attack with a single 9mm JHP), no firearms instructor will tell you to shoot once and then wait. They'll tell to shoot until the threat stops. They'll give examples of instances of an attacker not being stopped until after soaking up round after round after round.

And you know what? They'll tell you to do the same with a rifle. Ask any hunter and he'll be able to tell about tracking a deer for miles after hitting it with a .270 or .30-06. Ask some combat vets if they're willing to talk about their experiences and you'll hear stories of enemy soldiers and combatants taking rifle hits and still being in the fight.

There are a lot of reasons for this. The most common is poor shot placement. If you don't put rounds in just the right place you're just putting holes in meat. Even when shots are placed well that doesn't gaurantee the thing or person shot will be DRT. A fatal shot may take minutes to actually kill, minutes in which they may still be able to hurt you in the case of a violent encounter.

Other factors could include drugs or just sheer will to live. There's not much you can do about those aside from doing what you can to stop the attacker as quickly as possible. That means destroying the cardiovascular system and/or the central nervous system. Again, we're back to shot placement.

And that is why I say, "Pistol rounds don't suck, you do." Either because of poor shooting or unrealistic expectations about what punching holes in the human body will do.


Old NFO said...

ON the money... Friend was downrange, they fired 23 rounds at a guy with 5.56s that HIT him, and it took a .308 round to finally stop him... (Bad aim was a significant part of the problem)

Robert McDonald said...

People still insist there is a magic bullet out there. You'd think that the fact that one has never been found would give those people a clue.

Anonymous said...

It is true, when you say shoot until they stop. It is a good policy and I would say, be prepared to shoot them off of you, at point blank/contact range.
A fight to the death is a scary thing, and it happens fast.