Monday, October 28, 2013

Rotating the carry gun.

I've been considering buying another 1911.  I am thinking either a Colt Rail Gun or a S&W E-series.  I've really liked having a light on my Glock 17 and I'd like that option on any new carry gun.

Anyway, I decided that until I can scrape the cash together I'd start carrying my RIA again to get back in the habit of carrying and using a 1911.

My DeSantis IWB is starting to show its age so I've ordered a Galco Summer Comfort to replace it. I've also ordered six new Chip McCormick mags and 150 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 230 gr. JHP.

I'll probably order a new recoil spring soon. Probably wouldn't hurt to replace the main spring as well.  Oh, and training ammo of course!


Old NFO said...

And get to the range and practice... :-)

Robert McDonald said...

Indeed. In the meantime lots of dry fire!