Monday, June 24, 2013

I got a new gun, I got a new gun, I got a new gun hey hey hey!

Rossi 2" .38 Special Revolver

I picked this up on a lark new for just under $300.  So far I really like it. Rossi is on the lower end as far as guns go but I owned a .357 Rossi revolver for years and never had any trouble out of it.

I wanted this mostly as a demonstration piece for teaching, but I'm going to get a couple of holsters and carry it a bit too. This particular model can be used with .38 Special  +P ammo so I'll be picking some of that up for carry. 


Old NFO said...

Nice looking pistol, I'll be interested in your range report on it!

Robert McDonald said...

I'm really enjoying it so far. I have a holster coming in for it today some I'm going to carry it for a while and then I plan on doing a right up.