Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On The Range #83: Renewing an old friendship and disappointments

One thing I've noticed about the ammo situation since December is that 9mm is almost non-existent and when you find it it's about the same price as (or even more expensive than) .45 ACP.  I decided that I'll be hording the 9mm I can find reasonably priced for the time being and I'm going to shift back over to my RIA 1911 for carry and probably some competition as well.

I've fired one magazine through the 1911 since last year so today I took it out and shot Dot Torture at 3 yards.  I changed my grip for shooting the Glock and I found that this worked well on the 1911  too.  I managed to score 46/50 which I think is not bad for a gun I've fired 8 rounds out of in the last year.

I had two issues with the 1911.  I had one Failure To Feed with one magazine.  I was doing a reload and using the slide release rather than racking the slide manually.  I didn't have this problem again but made note of the magazine.  I also had one mag that would not lock the slide back towards the end of my session.  I also made note of this magazine.

I'm planning on buying a few more 1911 magazines as well as a case of .45 ACP.  I really need to rotate my carry ammo out and I'm thinking of going with Remington Golden Saber 230gr. JHPs.

I'd have really loved to say the 1911 performed flawlessly, but it didn't.  The issues I had aren't anything that makes me uncomfortable carrying it for defensive purposes though, and that's after a year of carrying a Glock.

My disappoint today came when I was shooting my AR.  I recently received my order of 10 Brownells aluminum 30 round AR magazines.  Now, I have never had an issue with my AR except for one or two light strikes with cheap Monarch brand ammo.  Today, however, I had close to 10 Failures To Feed with two different magazines.

The rifle is relatively clean and well lubed.  The ammo I've fired literally a thousand times with only one or two hard primers.  The only thing that was different today were the magazines I was using, and I had the issue with two of them.  It was unnerving to see a gun I've never had any real issues with fail over and over again.

My conclusion for now is that the issue is with the magazines.  I'm going to do some shooting with the other seven I have using different ammo and I'll use one or two other magazines just to rule out issues with the gun.

I'm really disappointed because all I've heard about the Brownells mags was good.  Of course, my RIA 1911 won't run with Wilson Combat mags so it may be that my AR just doesn't like these.  Time will tell.


Old NFO said...

If you're having a problem with the mags, return them!!! And same with the 1911, I'd recommend if Wilsons don't work look at Chip McCormick or Ed Brown mags. I've used both with good success!

Robert McDonald said...

I want to test these with some different ammo before I return them. I was shooting steel case Russian junk.

I do run Chip McCormick mags in the 1911 and they work great. For some reason the plastic follower in the Wilson's just doesn't engage the slide lock properly on my gun.

Wilson said...

I guess these ammo shortages are regional in nature. It’s just the opposite here, 9mm everywhere, just try to find .45.

Robert McDonald said...

Last time I checked it had kind of dried up around here too. I'm looking at online for most stuff. The price of 9mm is just about retarded.