Sunday, April 14, 2013

BAG Day is tomorrow.

I'm actually getting a return this year, but since I didn't know that until last week I probably won't have it in to participate this year.  On top of that my return is only going to be about half of what I need to buy what I want, a S&W E-series 1911.

 Must have a light rail.  Wish the bobtail version came with a rail.

I'm also considering Glock 30SF.  I just joined GSSF recently and I've got a coupon but the damned thing isn't good until I've been a member for a year.

Small gun, big holes.

Payday is Friday.  Depending on how big my check is, if I get my return back, and if I can find one I might be buying that 1911.  Then again, if I can find one I may just buy another Glock least that way I'll have a few more magazines!

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