Thursday, December 27, 2012

David Gregory must be arrested and prosecuted.

If David Gregory is not arrested and prosecuted fir his crime then we have irrefutable proof that the Rule of Law no longer exists in the USA.

If he is not arrested and prosecuted for going on television and breaking the law after being told by the police his actions were illegal it is then clear that the law only applies to those the government wishes it apply to.

I will not argue the stupidity of said law. For there to be Rule of Law the law must be applied to all equally.

If there it no Rule of Law no moral or ethical arguement can be made against those refusing to comply with any other laws, especially those laws forbidding the use of force against the government and its ifficials.

If David Gregory is not arrested and prosecuted then any attenpt to enforce thus law against anyone else could be met with force both ethically and morally, though not legally. But if Rule of Law is out 'legal' becomes useless except to those in power.

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