Thursday, November 1, 2012


Kevin has Bill Whittle's latest video up at The Smallest Minority.  I attempted to comment but Disqus seems to dislike me.

In essence Mr. Whittle says vote for Romney because he might undo some of the damage Obama has done. I say the Republican Party will do with Obamacare what Obama did with the Republican's PATRIOT Act.  They'll leverage it to their own ends.  So no.  No more.

I will take my chances on the local and state level but on the national level I will vote for third parties or against incumbents every time.

My comment at Kevin's would have been this:

"Maybe America needs to take a nose dive into totalitarianism to wake it up.  The Republican Party is irreparably broken.  That is the reality conservatives need to learn to deal with."

The advance of technology virtually gaurantees that quality of life will continue to get better.  I think that's probably one of our biggest problems as a society.  As long as we have enough food to eat, enough tv watch, enough new gadgets to play with, hell even enough guns to shoot at paper targets and to protect ourselves from small time criminals (as opposed to the big ones, like governments) people aren't going to be willing to do much of anything to risk that comfort.  

The only way to get rid of Romney in 2016 if he turns out to be the turd we all know him to be will be to vote Democrat.  I'd rather do what little I can to get a third party in there.  Maybe it is a fart in the wind, but so is a vote for either major party at this point in history.  Both will throw the occasional bone to whichever part of their base makes the most noise, but they'll both work to increase government interference in and control over your life.

If Romney wins this election it will be without my vote, and mark my words, win or not Mitt Romney will be the new, lowered bar for what it means to be a Conservative in America.  

I will take my chances trying to force a third option in 2016.  It probably won't work because the Republicans and Democrats both have lifetimes invested in keeping things just as they are, but it's better than pretending that this time he means it when he says he won't hit me ever again.


Borepatch said...

Amen, and well said. You have described Mittens perfectly.

Kevin said...

Well, you got it.

Let's see what Obama does with it.