Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today was day four of my work week and I finished it well over forty hours on the clock and having done about a third again as much work as I typically do in five days.  The good news is I have an assistant for the near future who is basically my go-fer and crawl space worker.  Bad news is I don't really have time for much at home except food and sleep. 

That said, tomorrow is my Friday so hopefully things will get a little more updated around here.  Tomorrow should see a Robert's Picks posts. 

Anyway, if things keep up like this for a few more weeks I see paid off credit cards and either and Aimpoint or Browning Buckmark .22 in my future. 


The Packetman said...

When deciding which of two items to purchase, always pick the one that goes 'Boom'!

RobertM said...

I really do want a .22 for fun and for new shooters.