Monday, July 2, 2012


Althea Paul, writing on Tampa Bay's Channel 10 News website, is a fucking liar:

LARGO, Florida - A Largo teen has died from his injuries after shooting himself while playing Russian Roulette.

Pinellas County Sheriff's detectives say 17-year-old Thorin Montgomery and three teenaged friends were on the back porch of his house along 111th Way North in Largo Friday night, playing with a .38 caliber revolver.

Thorin was the first of his friends to have a turn when the gun fired, shooting him in the head.

The gun DID NOT fire.  He fired the gun.  The gun DID NOT shoot him in the head.  He shot himself in the head.  This dumb motherfucker put a loaded gun to his head and pulled the trigger.  That is no different than sticking your head in the swimming pool and taking a deep breath.  It's not different than putting a noose around your neck and jumping off a bridge.  You don't blame the pool or the rope, you blame the moron that decided he didn't like breathing air anymore.

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