Monday, July 9, 2012

It's nothing personal.

My last post got me to thinking of why I am so wary of having anything to do with the government at all, and it's pretty simple:  It's nothing personal. 

What I mean by that is that it's very easy for an individual to be completely crushed by the government in a variety of ways.  And it's not personal.  The government isn't out to get me.  The enforcers of law at all levels have nothing against me.  They're just out to enforce the law.

It's nothing personal.  The problem is that so damned many things are illegal that even the government doesn't know what all is a crime.  The result is that you don't have a legal system based on right and wrong, you have one based on, as often as not, rules for the sake of rules.  The law is right because it is the law, not because of an objective standard of right and wrong.  And to quote Tom Selleck in the Jesse Stone movies, "I'm not in the right and wrong business.  I'm in the legal and illegal business."

I understand that completely.  It's just a job and you've got to do it a certain way to keep.  So no hard feelings, but I'm going to have as little to do with law enforcers as I can because I'm legitimately worried I may do something illegal without even knowing it. 

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