Friday, June 29, 2012

Quote of the Day: Captain Capitalism

The Cap had me nodding my head in agreement, as usual:

The reason women (married or not, working or not) do the majority of the housework is because of one simple thing - women's standards for tidiness are multiple times higher than men's.  We are OK with an upturned shoe in the middle of the hall.  You decree it a "filthy mess" and declare war on it.  We men will clean the house to the point it is sanitary.  You can clean it to the point of perfection if you want.  We guys have more important stuff to do in life.



Kristin said...

Your linkage is much confusing. I couldn't find the quoted material anywhere.

Sad but true. I can't tell you how many times I've heard men say, "Oh, I'm VERY clean," only to walk into their homes and immediately wish I'd brought along hand sanitizer.

I'm not so persnickety that I'd freak out over an overturned shoe, and I let the sink fill up with dishes before I wash them (I do rinse them before setting in the sink, though), but I'll just say it: men's version of tidiness is abysmal to most women.

I disagree that men will clean to a state of sanitation, though. Most men I know don't.

RobertM said...

Both of the links work. The first just goes to the blog I snagged the quote from. The post it comes from is the 'we don't need no fathers' one.

The second one goes to the blog he was responding to with the quote.

As to the sanitary part, I'd say if varies with every person. My rule of thumb is if doesn't stink or make me sick it's probably ok, but I spritz everyone with clorox cleanup fairly often.

Old NFO said...

LOL, that's the truth!

Windy Wilson said...

There are several levels of clean, of course.
In order from least to most:
City street clean
Country field clean
Your backyard clean
Your front yard clean
Frathouse clean
Bachelor pad clean
Mom of boys clean
Aerospace Clean Room clean
Dad of girls clean
Bachelorette pad clean
Mom clean
Newly birthed mother clean

Added to the differing standards of clean, is the matter of how often the floors need to be known to have been vacuumed and washed. Assuming no great enfilthment, you can put a person with a 7 day cycle for vacuuming together with a person with a 9 day cycle for vacuuming, and the 7 day person will accuse the 10 day person of never vacuuming and of being a total pig.
Just saying.