Friday, June 29, 2012

On The Range #70: Thursday Night IDPA

Yesterday was the monthly low light IDPA match at Brock's Gap Training Center.  'Low light' depends on the time of the year, and typically in the summer it's over before dark so no flashlights are necessary, however it is a flashlight match if it gets dark enough.  I've shot two of these matches and so far we've finished before dark.

I had not shot my pistol since the last Thursday night match so I decided to run 50 rounds through the Glock yesterday morning doing Dot Torture:

49/50 @ 3 yards

The match started at 6 PM and last until just after 8PM.  Today also was pushing 100*F.  I figured not too many people would show up because of the heat.  I guess everyone else had the same thought as me because there were 36 shooters, 6 more than at the last Thursday match.  

The match consisted of four stages.  Two were very simple and two where very elaborate.  I enjoyed myself, especially after the sun went down.  Since these are just club matches we shot this one without cover because of the heat.  

I shot 5th of 15 in unclassified Stock Service Pistol.  The top guy in UC/SSP will classify Expert at worst judging by his time.  I should be Marksman.  I finished 16th of 36 overall.  I outshot 10 in my class/division, and 20 overall.  I'm pretty happy with that and I'm looking forward to shooting a classifier which I think I'll get the chance to do in July.  

Also I should be shooting two matches in July, a Saturday match which is the main club match and also the Thursday night match.  I'm looking forward to both, but most of all looking forward to shooting in the fall/winter in a few months!

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