Friday, June 22, 2012

On The Range #69: Quality AR Time

It'd been too long since I'd done any shooting at all so I decided to put a few rounds through the AR yesterday. 

I shot a magazine at 25 yards and then another at 50.  First few rounds were shot prone, with the majority being shot from a modified sitting position (I can't shoot the AR from the classic sitting position).  All shooting was done with iron sights at a 1'X1' square pistol bull's eye target.  Results were as follows:

25 yards

Pretty much ate the heart of the the bull's eye pistol target I was using at 25 yards.  There is a little creep high left that I think had to do with the position I was shooting from.  I need to get some sandbags to do some more experimenting to confirm if it's technique or the position I was in. 

50 yards

All the shots stayed on paper at 50 yards but there doesn't seem to be any real precision.  I was aligning the top of the front sight blade with with the top of the black of the target (basically covering the black with the front sight).  Again there is noticeable creep high and left.

I'd have like to shoot another target at 100 yards but that is hard to set up on my property.  I'm working on it, but it'll involve some significant land clearing (about 50 yards by 5 yards worth) that I may have to do by hand.  

I think I'm going to repeat this, with less rounds, from the standing position when I have a moment or two. 

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