Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thirteen year old killed in Birmingham.

And I say good riddance:
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A 13-year-old boy armed with a loaded gun and his face covered with a T-shirt was shot to death Friday night, Birmingham police said today.

Sgt. Johnny Williams gave this account:

A car pulled into the parking lot of an apartment complex at 407 Skyview Drive shortly after 11 p.m.

The driver later told police the teen approached the car and ordered him to get out. A passenger was also in the car.

The driver pulled a gun and shot the teen at least one time. The teen ran 30 feet, collapsed and died. The teen's gun was cocked and ready to fire, Williams said.
Life if hard.  It's harder when you're stupid.  I know a lot of people are going to say, "But he's just a kid!!  I've got one and he's cute and good so it's so sad."  That's stupid.  Not all kids are the same.  Ever met a vicious pit bull?  I have.  I also love the breed and know that given the right environment they can be wonderful family pets.  That love doesn't extend to feeling bad when I've had to kill a vicious dog on the attack.

The only sad part is that the guy who shot him is probably going to feel bad about it.  A kid with a gun pointed at you, threatening your life for your car is a criminal with a gun threatening your life for a car and you need feel no guilt for being the delivery vessel for the consequences of his actions.  We don't blame victims.  And we shouldn't feel sorry for violent criminals. 

I don't lack empathy, I just don't waste it on those that don't deserve.  This kid might have been a product of his environment and the culture he was raised in.*  Unfortunately, it's not the environment and culture that was pointed a loaded gun at someone.  It was the product.  That's reality.  That's what you have to deal.

*Then again, maybe not.  Not every kid in that situation grows up to be a violent criminal.  Of course, I also don't know for a fact that he grew up in the environment I assume he did.   


Bob said...

I bet if President Obama had a son he'd look a lot like that teen.

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