Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quote of the Day: Daphne

A comment to this post on here blog:

The white people denouncing Derbyshire are hypocrites.

They don’t live in black neighborhoods, send their children to predominately black schools, go to the amusement park/museum/beach on black pride day, drive through the ghetto ever, etc. etc. etc.

They avoid poor blacks and large crowds of black folks just like everybody else who’s not black. It’s not safe and they damn well know it.

The words racist and racism have lost all meaning when you can’t tell the truth about reality for fear of having your reputation ruined.

I might not like it, but it's true.  I get to see a very large number of people in their homes.  I spend a lot of time working in the Birmingham, AL metro area.  I go into the most dangerous, crime ridden neighborhoods in Birmingham.  I've worked one street over from where people have been murdered the night before on more than one occasion.  I've worked in crack houses.  I've worked in homes where the customer used illegal drugs of one sort or another the entire time I was there.  I've see enough marijuana sitting on someone's bedroom dresser, right out where all the kids in the house can see or access it, to put the adults in the house in prison for at least a decade.  I've seen children's bedrooms with the sheet rock ceilings rotting away and falling onto the beds they sleep in.  I've been in homes where there was so much trash strewn on the floors that you couldn't see the carpet or old hardwood.  I've seen rat shit and cockroaches all over kitchens and bedrooms.

I've seen all this and more.  I'll tell you this, there are some nasty fucking white people out there and there are some nasty fucking hispanics, but they've got nothing on the American black population.  When you have government paid for housing, government paid for food, cable tv, internet service, and a smartphone you can't claim 'poverty' as the reason your white carpet is so dirty it's black, that there are rooms full of dirty laundry, that your house is infested with pests, or that the dishes haven't been done in months.  It's not a racial issue, it's a cultural one.  Black America has largely given up it's dignity for a government check.     

Don't believe me?  Think I'm a racist?  Read Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell.  They're two black men who didn't give up their dignity, and they see it just as plainly as I do.   

You want to see where America is heading if it stays on the same path?  Go visit a few predominately black neighborhoods (rural or urban...urban is worse, but it's bad in the rural areas too).  That's where we're headed.

Black Americans were the first victims of the welfare state and as such they are currently suffering the more advanced effects of that particular social malady.  They won't be the last.  


dakotas5 said...

Some of the Indian Reservations I've worked on are the same way. If the Govt. will give them a new house next year why not screw up the one it gave them this year.

Peter said...

It is cultural and not racial. I was taken on several hunting trips with older relatives back in sharecropper days. The black folks handled the hunting dogs on those farms and so we'd show up at their homes to collect them. I'm sure it's raaaaacist these days, in those days it was an important part of their income

Anyhow, those homes may have needed a coat of paint but you could eat off the floors. The kids may have been wearing hand me downs and patches on the knees but those clothes were clean.

Fifty years. Oh well, black folks don't have to ride in the back of the bus now. Damned shame they get shot at the bus stop.

RobertM said...


Peter-I've been in some homes in the nastier neighborhoods that were spotless. Generally, they're the homes of older couples or older single/widowed women. If it's a young couple, chances are the kid's are in private school or home schooled.

The thing is, from what I've seen the cultural rot is spreading.

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