Thursday, April 19, 2012

Or not released.

Still on the workers' comp train.  I don't like it.  I was supposed to be fully back in action by the 27th (personally I felt I could do my job last week but they said no).  Now they're telling me that I have to wait until my last follow up on May 11th.  That's NOT right, so I'll have to call the doc and get him to give me a work release form as of the 27th. 

Oh, work offered to let me come answer phones for $8/hr.  Yeah, right, are you mental?  When I pointed out my workers' comp pay was more than that, and that I'd much rather stick to that if I had that option I got a lot of, " don't know...have to you know..."  I didn't hear anything so I just called the workers' comp lady who told me I'm still covered.  Bastards. 

The doctor said I could do as much as I can stand to do, and didn't not give me any pain medication.  I can stand to do a lot.  I cut the grass in the front yard yesterday.  I'll probably do most of the rest today.  Might do a little shooting as well, just depends on how I feel. 


Old NFO said...

Ouch... You're getting caught in the middle sounds like. Hang in there...

RobertM said...

Yeah, it's annoying as hell.