Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sex crazed female law students!

Or how those on the right can be dicks just like the left!

Just to get it out of the way, I don't think anyone should be forced to provide anything to anyone unless they have a contractual obligation to do so.

So, there is a video being linked about (I found the link at Borepatch's) of a woman testifying before Congress regarding this whole contraceptive kerfuffle.  The commentary would indicate that she got up there and said, "Like, we're horny and want to bone with no consequences so pay for our shit already!"  If you actually bother to watch the video you see that her statements are far from that.

Yes, she does point that it puts a huge financial burden on female students to have to pay out of pocket .*  She also points out that students pay for the insurance with no subsidy from Georgetown (the school she attends and draws her examples from).**  She also points out that the bill she is testifying against has no exception for the medical necessity outside of prevention of birth.***

That part bothers me.  Georgetown has a policy that allows this exception, but in the example she uses the necessity was denied (university claimed her gay friend wanted the exception to prevent pregnancy, not for a legitimate medical need), severe medical consequences ensued, and the insurance provider probably ended up paying out more than they would have if they'd have paid the woman's contraceptive costs for the next decade (unlikely though they would have had too...Georgetown graduates usually get good jobs).

The video is here.  For some reason it won't embed properly. 

Watch it.  Watch the whole thing.  She at the very least has me convinced on the exception part.  Yes, that exception can and will be abused, but such abuse is fraud on the insured's part and malpractice on the doctor's part.  We have laws against those things. 

*I'm not sympathetic.  My best friend and his wife managed to do the same on less than $25/hr. combined income for many years because she works for a catholic hospital.

**If this is true then I'm confused why Georgetown would have an issue with the insurance covering contraception.

***I bet the insurance covers the removal of ovaries and testes in the case of cancer or other medical maladies.  Guess what removing those organs prevents?  You can't make the argument that a lesbian wanting contraception to prevent the growth of tumors on her ovaries wants the drugs so she won't get knocked up.

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