Thursday, March 15, 2012

On The Range #62: CED 7000

I picked up 50 rounds of Federal 230gr. FMJ this morning so that I could try out my new CED 7000 shot timer.  Long story short, I really like it.

I shot all 50 rounds and the timer functioned flawlessly.  The factory sensitivity setting was just right.  The timer picked up every shot without picking up any extra noises as shots.  I had the Sure Fire shot timer app on my iPhone back in the day and it would occasionally miss shots or register extraneous noises as shots. 

The controls were as easy to manipulate as I thought they would be.  I mostly used the large START button on the top.  I found attaching the timer to a belt loop with the short lanyard that came with it worked well for keeping it both on my person and out of the way. 

Today I was mainly just shooting to both test the timer and to set some baselines for myself.  All of my shooting was done with an IWB holster concealed under a shirt.

I shot 5 Bill Drills with the following averages:
  • Time to first shot - 2.87
  • Total time - 6.77
  • Split time - 0.74
I also shot 3 Mozambique Drills* which averaged:
  • Time to first shot - 2.54
  • Total time - 5.02
  • Split time - 1.52
 I also shot the FAST Drill.  My score was 12.74 with a 1 second penalty for dropping a shot low left on the 8" circle.  I am not fast
: (

Of nine draws from concealment my average time to the first shot was 2.80 seconds.  My first goal is going to be to drop that average by 1/10th of a second.  I also want to be able to perform the Bill Drill in 6.5 seconds or less.

I have two target stands for right now.  I'm planning on putting together a third so I can also shoot the El Presidente Drill and other multiple target drills. 

*Some like it, some hate it, some insist on calling it a Failure Drill.  Whatever.  Multiple shots to the body (generally two, but no reason you can't do more), assess, a shot to the head if the threat is still there (or to the pelvis region if you want to change it up/aren't confident you can make a headshot).

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