Wednesday, February 8, 2012


- Today was my first day at work that I didn't come home with a sore leg, which was nice.  Except for a few times I didn't notice any pain at all which is a huge improvement from last week.  I worked as late today as I did just about every work day last week and I feel like I have a whole lot more energy so I'm guessing the pain was taking more out of me than I realized.

- Yesterday my friend Kris posted this on my Facebook wall:  "I was just thinking the other day that if the world fell to chaos, I'd head to Birmingham and hang near you. I think I'd feel safer that way. I know, totally random. I think about stuff like this. Haha."  That made me feel pretty awesome.

- Over the weekend my Sony 5-disc DVD player shit the bed.  It will power on but I can't get it to load any DVDs so I guess I'll be upgrading to a BluRay player in the next month or so.  Thinking about this one.  For the time being I'll muddle along using the DVD player in my laptop.

- I'm really, really enjoying watching the first season of Boardwalk Empire on DVD.   


Kristin said...

::Inserts appropriate fist-pumping YES motion here::

I love it when I make the news. :)

Seriously, though, I'm happy that your leg is feeling better this week! Just think, another week and you'll forget all about that leg.

If you upgrade to Blu-Ray, doesn't that mean you have to replace your collection? Or does the Blu-Ray player also play regular DVDs?

RobertM said...

I'm looking forward to not worrying about the leg anymore. It will be nice to be 100% again.

The Bluray player will play standard DVDs as well. It makes sense, really. People are more likely to buy one if they call play all their DVDs with it and then when they have it they're going to buy Bluray.