Monday, February 6, 2012

I'll see your knife, and raise you a shotgun!

It seems a local asshole suffered an acute failure of the victim selection process when he pulled a knife on a business owner:

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - Authorities today released the identity of a man fatally shot Friday night inside a North Birmingham business.

Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Phillip Russell identified the victim as William Leon Mason, 42.

Birmingham police said Mason had been going to several shops around 27th Street North and harassing people when a shop owner told him to leave his business -- Soul Ville Head Shop.
Mason pulled a knife on the shop owner, and the shop owner pulled a shotgun and fired, striking Mason in the chest, authorities said.
Yet the anti-gunners would prefer the business owner be unarmed and at the mercy of a knife wielding man.  This will be listed as a 'gun death,' and in fact the Birmingham News' headline almost makes you think some poor innocent was shot until you read the actual article and find out it was a defensive gun use.

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Old NFO said...

Good for the shop owner, and the gene pool just got a little deeper! Gave you an award over at my blog.