Friday, January 20, 2012

Criminal Minds, or What I Learned From TV.

It's a pretty good show.  I've been watching old seasons for a while on DVD for a while thanks to Netflix.

A few things the show always makes me think:  Always be armed.  And, be aware of your surroundings. 

The victims in the show are almost always not paying attention to what is going on around them or they're in a situation where they should see something bad happening and don't leave, or they can't leave and aren't armed.

Of course, being a Hollywood product there is a sneer at civilian defensive gun use (whether conscious or unconscious).  The few times a non-LEO tries to use a firearm in self defense they either fumble and make the situation worse or get killed outright.  That's liberal parroting of "having a gun will only make it worse" bullshit, but whatever.  That may work on TV, but in real life real people die and real cops fuck up or are "just minutes away" when someone is using an ax to take down your bedroom door.

Here is something to take away from the show, though.  The killers they portray?  Those types of people are out there everyday.  And just like the FBI characters in the show, your best defense against them is to be AWARE, and to be ARMED and WILLING to defend yourself. 

I don't ever what the FBI investigating me or someone I care about as victim of a serial killer.  I want them pissed off that I or someone else stole their thunder by putting two in the fucker's heart and one in his mind (or her mind).

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