Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On The Range #59

Tuesday I got myself outside to do a little shooting, first with the AR, and then with my 1911.

Last week I got a mid length upper from DSA to replace the one I screwed up.  I put thirty rounds down range to get the AR zeroed with the new upper last week, and today I put another 90 down range with no issues.

First I fired 3 rounds at 50 and then another 3 at 100 yards just to get an idea of where I'd be hitting at those distances.  I used single sheet of white paper so I'd have a high visibility target since my eyes are not that great.

I did the distance shooting supported.

I don't have anywhere easily accessible to shoot at longer distances, but I'm going to try and set something up at some point in the future.  

After seeing where I was hitting at 50 and 100 yards I moved in closer and worked on some stuff from the Art of the Tactical Carbine DVD.  I shoot left handed so that means I have to do reloads and other manipulations a little differently than your average person.  It's fairly easy to adapt if you have to.  

When I finished up with the AR I moved on to shooting my 1911.  I did a lot of work on fundamentals, concentrating on grip, stance, and trigger control while also working on draws and reloads for 50 rounds. 

I finished up my pistol shooting with Dot Torture, scoring 46/50 at 3 yards.  

46/50 was an improvement over last week's 43/50

I excluded a couple of magazines from my pistol shooting that I suspected were the cause of a lot of the issues I've been having with my 1911.  I didn't have near as many issues this time.  In fact, the only problems I had were with one magazine that I had noted as a potential issue.  I dumped all three in the trash.  I'll have to pick up some more as soon as I can. 

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