Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the Range #57: New AR

I took the new AR out to the range today to zero the iron sights.  I had a couple of different ammo types to check out on it as well.

I only shot 110 rounds, and 100 of that was steel cased Monarch brand ammo (Wolf).  It ate every bit of it with only one little hitch.  I had a light strike on one round.  It fired off just fine the second time around though.  Never had that happen before.

It didn't take much to get zeroed at ~25 yards.  I think I made three adjustments and I had the gun shooting as well as I'm capable shooting it.  The steel cased stuff I was shooting grouped find.  I also popped off ten rounds of Hornady TAP 75gr stuff.  I'm keeping 30 rounds of TAP on tap when it sit next to the nightstand.  It groups tighter but generally shoots to the same point of aim. that'll probably change a bit out at further distances, and I need to get some more to find out for sure.

All in all, shoots great!  I'm not a fan of the standard hand guard because those bastards get HOT after about a 80 rounds, but I'll be replacing that soon enough.  Need to pick up some gloves too.


Old NFO said...

That's good news! Be aware, significant weight changes WILL impact bullet trajectory at 100 yards! Thought my gun, 55gr vs. 62gr is a three inch change in POI with the same sight picture at 100 yards.

RobertM said...

Yeah, I need to do a lot more shooting with it to know just what to expect.