Sunday, November 20, 2011

Frightening though.

Given a choice between the OWS movement and the Wall Street/.Gov crony capitalist machine, I pick the Wall Street/.Gov machine. 

That scares the fuck out of me.  I need a third option, please.


Old NFO said...

Too bad there ISN'T one... sigh

RobertM said...

And it's damned shame.

ASM826 said...

To me, the OWS movement is seeing symptoms like lack of jobs and inflation correctly. Where they are wrong is when they make conclusions about the root causes. Pointing at businessmen, the wealthy, and corporations as the cause of inflation and lack of jobs is what makes their protest so silly.

Another option would be to separate false conclusions and ineffective protests from clearly looking at the problems our country faces. See the issues, which for me begins with the need to return manufacturing to the U.S. and restore a balance of trade with the world. To do this may require changes in governmental tax policy and all sorts of regulations. To not do it is to continue the decline.

The role of government, as I think the U.S. was founded on, was to be limited. It was supposed to perform the roles defined for it and stay out of everything else. Now it is everywhere, trying to do everything.

If you had the capital and wanted to open a manufacturing plant in the U.S., could you negotiate the forest of regulations to build it, buy equipment, hire the people? Could you even figure out who you needed to get permits and permission from?

Easier to invest overseas. There is the heart of the problem.

RobertM said...

Your last paragraph neatly sums up the problem as I see it. It is easier to do business elsewhere than it is to do business here.

I can't help but think OWS would just saddle us with more of the same rather than get rid of it.