Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painful admission.

Unless I have a HUGE run of good luck, the next center fire pistol I purchase will be a Glock, either a G21 or G17, but probably the G17 because of the price of ammo.


Bob said...

I had a G21 and gave it to my nephew. It's a light pistol until the ammo is in it. 14 rounds of .45ACP makes for a heavy pistol, and carrying two spare magazines will tax even the thickest gun belt out there. I'd recommend the G19 if you're going to carry concealed regularly, the G17 otherwise.

FillYerHands said...

Our evil plan is succeeding.

I originally chose a G17 for magazine capacity and ammo availability. Ammo price is no longer something to ignore. Excellent choice.

RobertM said...

I like the G19 too. It is certainly a contender. I've been thinking about getting a Glock for tears, but I LOVE 1911s. I've just come to admit that what I want in a 1911 isn't going to be in the budget any time soon.