Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On The Range #56

Yesterday I made myself get outside and put a hundred rounds through the 1911.  It's been way to long since the last time I went shooting, and I needed it. 

I managed pretty well.  I did all of my shooting from around 7 yards and was hitting pretty well.  I did a lot of Mozambique drills using two different targets just to put some pressure on myself (I really need to invest in a shot timer), and I ran some sprints to get the blood and adrenaline flowing.  I didn't notice a perceptible change in my shooting.  I'll take that as a good sign.

I had one malfunction.  The slide locked back with a round still in the magazine.  It happened in the first twenty or so rounds and was not repeated.  Might have caused that one myself. 

I really like working with multiple targets.  I'm going to try and keep that up.  I've also got a bunch of empty two liter bottles I've saved up, and a half case of clays that I'm going to start using to give myself some reactive targets of various sizes/shapes.


Old NFO said...

That is a good way to practice if you can do it!

RobertM said...

It's fun watching stuff explode or disintegrate when you hit it too!