Tuesday, September 20, 2011

With allies like this, who needs enemies?

Pakistan is not, and never has been, an 'ally.'

Documents obtained by Fox News suggest that for decades Pakistan spread nuclear weapon technology around the globe in exchange for cash, political influence and help with its own atomic bomb program. Among those on the other side of the deals: China, Iran, North Korea and Libya.

The charges are contained in two documents written by A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani nuclear arms trafficker long thought to be the mastermind behind an elaborate global supply and procurement network: a thirteen-page confession to government authorities and a dramatic letter hastily written to his wife as an international manhunt tightened around him.

Pakistan is run by some very shrewd people.  I have to hand it to them.  Their intelligence service has seemingly, in my admittedly uninformed opinion, played us time and time again.

Am I missing something?  We invaded Afghanistan because that country's leaders were harboring a group of people we wanted.  We didn't give a fuck about the women and children of Afghanistan until we wanted Al-Qaeda.  We invaded Iraq because we thought, not knew, thought they had WMDs that could be turned over to people willing to actually use them against us.  Again, for ten years we didn't give a fuck about the women or children of Iraq until it was in our interest to play that card for the media.  Osama bin Laden was sitting in Pakistan for how long?  How many people who are openly enemies of the United States did Pakistan give nuclear technology to? 

Why aren't Abrams tanks rolling through Islamabad by now?

I'm a straight forward kind of person.  You set a goal, and then you do what you have to in order to achieve it.  Frankly, I think we should have treated the tribes in Afghanistan the same way we treated the tribes in the early history of the US.  I should be watching cattle graze on a federal land grant in Panjshir right now.  Iraq should be wondering if its newest military governor is going to allow them sit another parliament this year after having the last six executed for corruption.  And Pakistan (as well as China and North Korea) should be screaming bloody murder about our setting up a nice state of the art missile defense system in India.

I know.  It's a nice little fantasy world I'd like to be living in. Sometimes I even imagine we invaded North Vietnam via Cambodia and Laos combined with an amphibious assault.      


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Matt said...

Pok e stan , as Obama pronounces it, just needs to be bombed to heck and be done with it. Af pok e stan (afghanistan)as well. I'm tired of losing our soldiers, over these swine.