Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts 10 years later.

The hole in New York City is still there.

The Patriot Act.

The TSA.

A 'democratic' Islamic theocracy run by nepotists and criminals in Afghanistan.

Ditto Iraq.

Our ally Pakistan and all the help they've given us.

It is apparently better that our soldiers be killed and mutilated than that civilians in a war zone face the slightest danger from an airstrike or artillery.

It is apparently important that we do our utmost not to offend the sensibilities of Muslims while at the same time killing tens of thousands of them.

It is apparently important that we give up our freedom because that is the best way to keep ourselves safe from Islamic terrorists who hate us because of our freedom.

Over the last ten years I've seriously considered joining the military a number of times.  I haven't because of the reasons above.  I didn't want to risk dying for the sake of people whose religion says I'm only fit for slavery or death.  I didn't want to fight in a foreign land while at home my government was slowly but surely slicing away at the freedoms I was sworn to defend.  I didn't want to place myself under the orders of men and women who are more concerned with their image in the media than winning the fight, let alone keeping me or my brothers in arms that might have been alive.

All that said I'm still ashamed that I never joined, mainly because if I had at least I could have shared some of the burden that has been placed on the good men and women who chose to serve.

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