Monday, September 19, 2011

Ok, President Obama, let's make things fair.

First we'll raise retirement age (the age at which you can get Social Security and Medicare) to 85.

Second, let's eliminate the entire US Tax Code and replace it with a 10% income tax accross the board with absolutely no deductions for anything, ever.

Third, we'll have a 5% Federal Sales Tax on all non-food items.  Again, there will be no exceptions. 

Fourth, we'll eliminate all spending on protective services for members of the government.  Protection must be provided at the expense of the protected.  Government has no responsibility to protect any particular individual among the general population, it would only be fair (and save a lot of money) if this applied to government members as well.

Fifth, we'll haggle over Military vs.  Entitlement spending (to exclude Social Security and Medicare for the time being). 

Meet me on those five things Mr. President and I'll believe you mean it when you say you want things to be fair.  Personally, I think when you and all the others in DC say fair you exclude yourselves silly concepts like fairness don't apply to you.


Old NFO said...

I'd add do away with retirement for politicians...

RobertM said...

Yeah, among about a hundred other things. I wanted to try and keep the list manageable.

Borepatch said...

How about we eliminate all pensions for Congress. And their health care. If Medicare is good enough for you and me, it's good enough for them.

Shared Sacrifice, and all that.

North said...

You seem to be using the "fair" definition of fair, not the "I get more cake" definition of fair.

Everyone is treated fair, some more fair than others.