Monday, September 5, 2011

Arizona police and federal authorities give explosives to terrorists.

Hey, if the media can distort the facts to fit their agenda, why can't I?

Local police and federal officials were searching for a potentially dangerous container at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix Sunday night after explosives disappeared during a training exercise, reported.

A little reading about what they lost tells me that it's essentially a giant blasting cap for setting off large quantities of your more inert explosives.  Still, it's a big stick of TNT.  That ain't nothing to laugh at.  And they lost it.  If a mining company or mining supply company lost a pound of explosives they'd get fined at the very least, and possibly face federal criminal charges.  When police and federal authorities do it?  Nothing.  At worst some lowly officer will get fired, but probably just end up with a reprimand.

To be fair, not every individual police officer or fed loses explosives or machine guns or drugs or money, but those that do should face the same punishment I would if I were to do the same.  Actually, they should probably face a stiffer punishment because they get to play with all that stuff because they're so highly trained.  The more competent you supposedly are the higher the standard you should be held to.  

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Old NFO said...

Trained??? Standards??? They don't need no stinkin standards... sigh... And yeah, the low man will get a reprimand.