Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I did today.

Made lots of money.

Got stung by a bee.

Saw some amazing DSL.

Watched a bloody samurai movie.

Drank good beer.


Old NFO said...

And??? :-) Explanations are good... just sayin...

RobertM said...

First time I worked a full week in almost two months, and I managed to make a big bonus as well. While at work I got stung by a bee when the bastards came swarming out of an old dish mount. I just managed not to fall off the roof I was on when they came boiling out. Met a young lady with perfect lips, but since she had a felony record I decided to pass. Came home, ate some leftover steak, and drank a couple of Sam Adams "Wee Heavy" while watching a '70s samurai flick.

I felt the need to blog something but was too tired to do a decent job of it.

Old NFO said...

:-) So a true win all the way around, other than the bees!