Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too late.

I can't really comment on this story.  Or this one.  I'm very angry about it.  I'm outraged.   I think there is only one answer to this kind of behavior by government enforcers.

You know what though?  It doesn't matter.  It's too late to do anything about it when they've already been able to seize guns and any other private property they wish and face no consequences.  With guns, it happened en-mass after Katrina and not a single thing happened to those who did the seizing, and it happens in bits and pieces every day to individuals all over the nation.

I'll be perfectly honest and say I hope I'm never put into a similar position.  I hope no one ever comes for my [fill in the blank] because I really don't want to find out if I have the gumption to die defending my rights and be branded a lunatic or petty criminal, or if I'll go on to live another day knowing I"m a coward who let them take [fill in the blank] without resistance so that they know that even if they give it back they can come take it again whenever they want.  

Our Constitution was a failure from the start when it didn't include violation of individual rights as part of the definition of treason.  When there are absolutely no consequences for breaking the supreme law of the land (except for paying off the people with their own money) then the law is kind of pointless.  The people running things know this, why can't the rest of us wake up?

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