Friday, August 5, 2011

This is my smug face.

And it's all because of this:
Academics studied almost 500 people between 95 and 109 and compared them with over 3,000 others born during the same period.

They found those who lived extremely long lives ate just as badly, drank and smoked just as much, took just as little exercise and were just as likely to be overweight as their long-gone friends.
Now instead of just enjoying my red meat, scotch, and cigars, I can enjoy them smugly.

As I said on Facebook recently, it's always the hippy/healthy/fruitcake food that kill people and has all the recalls.  Eat a bloody steak and some greasy fires, and then have a stiff drink and smoke after.  


Tam said...

My grandparents who smoked and drank outlived my teetotalling, non-smoking ones.

And it was my non-smoking, swimming-laps-at-the-Y-every-day grandmother that died of lung cancer.

RobertM said...

If my love of red meat, cigars, and liquor takes me out early at least then I won't have to worry about my family's history of Alzheimer's. I'll take the the massive heart attack over the ending of up like my great grandfather any day of the weak.