Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hit'em where it hurts!

That's what Starbucks wants to do to our 'leaders' if they don't get serious about deficit reduction:

Starbucks claimed Wednesday that it has rallied “hundreds” of people in support of a call by CEO Howard Schultz to suspend campaign contributions to Congress and the president until Washington produces a long-term deficit reduction plan.

Schultz has been pushing the idea over the past several days, appealing to business leaders and other Americans to send a message to Washington by cutting off the fundraising spigot.

Yes, please!  I especially like that this is being pushed as an across the board "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" rather than targeting just one party or a small group of polititards. 


Stephen said...

I think its a fine idea...hope it works.

Old NFO said...

Now THAT is a truly good idea!