Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Are Food Stamps a stimulus to the economy?

Sure, they are.  If you're a fucking idiot.

Look, Food Stamps are just another transfer payment.  The government takes money from the person who earned it, gives it to someone who didn't earn in the form of government script that can only be used to buy food (food including booze and cigarettes and illegal drugs), and then the person who doesn't work buys whatever and 'stimulates' the economy by providing jobs for the food producers, sellers, marketers, transporters, etc.

Sounds good.  If you're a fucking idiot.

Remember that first person who actually earned the money?  That person would have spent the money themselves.  There is no net gain, no stimulus.  There is just free money to someone who has probably never had to do anything to provide for themself, and a pissed off tax payer who works hard and has to eat ramen while the fat cunt with eight kids buys two shopping carts full of steaks, beer, and junk food with 'her' Food Stamps.

The Food Stamp program should be cut.  If you don't work, you don't eat. 

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Dirk said...

The problem isn't the program itself. I made use of it for a short time back when I was young and stupid and unable to find work after I got myself fired from a pizza delivery gig. But, I picked myself back up in a month or so, got a job, got off the food stamps, and never looked back.

In short, I used it as it's supposed to be used - as a short-term safety net, until I could get back on my feet.

The problem is that far too many people have turned the safety nets of welfare, unemployment, food stamps, etc. into a way of life. Their jobs, such as they are, are to continue to figure out how to play the system and continue getting their ill-earned benefits. Or, to put it more bluntly, keep stealing a livelihood from us productive citizens.

The key is not to eliminate the programs...but to vastly step up qualification requirements and fraud enforcement. Get the thieving scum who view the benefits as their way of life off the rolls and into jobs. Re-convert the programs into the safety nets they were intended to be.

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RobertM said...

Dirk,IT IS the program itself that's the problem. It's nothing but a vote buying scheme. It will never be a temporary measure. Government taking my money and giving it to someone else 'because they need it and you have more than enough' is wrong. It doesn't matter who benefits or why. It's still wrong.