Friday, July 1, 2011

Trojan Tactical 'Scabbard' Review

As you know, I recently received a Scabbard holster for T&E from Trojan Tactical.  Trojan Tactical makes a variety of kydex holsters for many of the popular handguns out there, both IWB and OWB, and also for those pistols that carry mounted lights.

The Scabbard is an OWB holster that attaches with belt loops, and is available in three different colors (OD Green, Coyote Tan, or Black).  It is a very well put together holster, very reminiscent of the kydex rigs by Raven Concealment.

This holster rides high and tight and is very comfortable.  I started carrying my 1911 in it the day it arrived, and I've hardly noticed it since the first time I put it on.  Retention is excellent, and the design of the holster is such that you can get a firm grip on the pistol to making drawing quick and smooth.  This is definite plus for a concealed carry holster.

Still holding firm after nearly two weeks of multiple daily draws from the holster.

I also like the fact that this is a belt loop holster rather than a paddle holster.  I carried a paddle holster for a while and the retention grip on the pistol was so tight that I more than once pulled the entire holster out of my pants when on a draw.  That's not going to happen with the Scabbard.  

The holster conceals well.  I had no trouble concealing it under a loose button front shirt (Hawaiian or similar), or a vest.  A polo or t-shirt is a little more difficult for me as I carry a full size pistol, but not impossible. 

Range time using the Scabbard was great.  I was able to get a perfect grip on my pistol for every draw and get it out and on target quickly.  Re-holstering is as easy with the Scabbard as with any high quality leather holster I've used in the past.

This is a holster I would be happy to have bought, and I am in fact planning on buying a second along with a matching magazine holder.  The workmanship is top notch, and I'm also a fan of the fact that Trojan Tactical is a local business.  If you're looking for a high quality kydex holster for your duty or concealed carry pistol I highly recommend those by Trojan Tactical. 

Trojan Tactical holsters can be ordered directly from the Trojan Tactical online store, or if you're in the Birmingham, AL area they're available in Hoover Tactical Firearms in Hoover, AL.


Old NFO said...

Looks like a good high ride, no issues when driving?

RobertM said...

I wouldn't want to wear it on any long trips, but for trips under an hour or so it should be fine. It's not perfect but I've found if I wear it right at 3'clock or even a little further forward it's no trouble. Small cars or those with tightly contoured seats wouldn't be fun.

John said...

Thanks for doing the review for me Robert. Hopefully we can meet up sometime down the road for some range time.

RobertM said...

You're very welcome, John. And some range time would be great!

Ronin65 said...

Bought one of these for my Polish Tokarev. Best holster I have ever owned. Conceals well, great value for the money, quality construction, awesome retention! Have seen comparable holster for more. Trotac has a fantastic product.