Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quote of the Day: Theodore Rex

This quite of the day comes from Edmund Morris' Theodore Rex, the second volume of his biography of Theodore Roosevelt.  The setting is early in the Rough Rider's presidency, just after he's been awarded an honory degree by Harvard:

The President's behavior after receiving his honorary LL.D. was so archetypal as to imprint itself on the eyes and ears of many observers.  Dr. Eliot escorted him to a guest suite to change, and watched with fascination as he tore off his coat and vest and slammed a large pistol on the dresser.  Eliot asked if it was his habit to carry firearms.  "Yes, when I am going into public places."

If I've got to have a fucking Progressive for a President, why can't it be Teddy?  At least he had panache!

Also, I wonder if he had his Mass. LTC and if Harvard knows a sitting US President violated their campus carry policy? 

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