Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not getting it.

A jewelry store owner is Wisconsin says he will not allow concealed carry in his store, and is bothered by the fact that gun rights advocates are threatening a boycott:

"We're getting phone calls saying we're not going to come to your store supporting you because you're against gun rights,” Eulberg told “We're not against gun rights. My contention is if a bad guy is in my store and you're a good Samaritan in my store and you see the bad guy whipping out the gun, we already have security procedures in place to protect ourselves."
 Hey, it's not about YOU dumbass.  You don't want CCW in your place of business, fine.  But don't cry when carriers make it clear they will not patronize your store and why.  Oh, and bigoted much?

To reach customers on both sides of the law, Eulberg told he’s considering allowing open carry during half of his business hours.

Hmm.  "To reach customers on both sides sides of the law, Eulberg told he's considering allowing black to shop in his store during half his business hours."

There, fixed it for you asshole.  


Bob said...

I don't know. It sounds as if his store employees have access to firearms and he doesn't want to be put in the position of them blowing away a Good Samaritan by mistake.

RobertM said...

That's a possibility, but it still wouldn't make me feel any safer in his store. I don't even like going into gun stores unarmed when I KNOW there are armed men behind the counter who are at least halfway competent shooters.

Joshkie said...

How hard is it to teach your employees to shoot at the guy shooting at you, not at the guy shooting at the guy shooting at you?

Just saying,